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Greater Cincinnati wakes up every day with Jeff & Jenn on Q102! Do you find yourself sitting in your car a little bit longer just so you can hear the end of Second Date Update™? Did you miss News That Didn’t Make the News? We’ve got you covered with the Jeff & Jenn Podcast! Never miss a minute of your favorite morning show as Jeff, Jenn, Fritsch and Tim get you ready to take on the day—chatting with listeners and sharing their thoughts on life, love, news and community events. Check out their podcast for highlights of today's show!

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Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-20-16

2nd Date Update, Fox 19 Meteorologist, Frank Marzulo, weather rant, National DJ day, Entertainment News, Sarah Palin back Donald Trump,


 2016-01-20  30m

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-19-16

Classic 2nd Date Update, Pete Rose to Reds Hall of Fame, How much money do you need to make to feel successful, study tells you the average milestones in relationships, What do you want for Valentine's Day?


 2016-01-19  22m

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-15-16

E News, Oscar nominations, Celine Dion's husband passes away from cancer, "Friends" reunion is not happening, 2nd Date Update, News That Didn't Make the News, 4 tips from Cosmo to have the perfect dating profile pic, 5 random...


 2016-01-15  42m

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-14-16

Classic 2nd Date Update, Adult Trick-or-treating, News That Didn't Make the News, 100 year old preschool teacher, 5 ways to save your food from spoiling, What went wrong when you went to by lottery tickets, Disagree for Coffee, E News,...


 2016-01-14  32m

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-13-16

State of the Union recap, President Obama audio clips, 2nd Date Update, Re-gifting your engagement ring, What re-gift did you receive that made you angry?


 2016-01-13  32m

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-12-16

News that Didn't Make the News, Powerball will take care of the debt in Kansas, Could you win the Powerball if you bought every winning combination, Classic 2nd Date Update, How much money would you pay to lose 15 lbs, What's the...


 2016-01-12  34m

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-11-16

Bengals AFC Playoff Game, WCPO's consumer reporter John Matarese, 2nd Date Update, Entertainment News, Ricky Gervais, Golden Globes, David Bowie passes away, Justin Bieber kicked out of Mayan Ruins


 2016-01-11  34m

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-8-16

Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburgh Steelers, Mayor vs Mayor bet, 2nd Date Update is a Christmas Freak, Bengals' Andrew Whitworth weighs in on playoff game, People Magazine's, Kate Hogan, Fuller House cover story


 2016-01-08  31m

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Podcast 1-7-16

American Idol launches it's final season, Classic 2nd Date Update, Power Ball, E News, People's Choice Awards, The Talk, Amy Schumer, and Bumble.


 2016-01-07  31m

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Podcast 1-6-16

What's Hot with Fritsch, Cincinnati Bengals, 2nd Date Update, News that didn't make the news, What smell do you love the most that most people hate


 2016-01-06  32m