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Greater Cincinnati wakes up every day with Jeff & Jenn on Q102! Do you find yourself sitting in your car a little bit longer just so you can hear the end of Second Date Update™? Did you miss News That Didn’t Make the News? We’ve got you covered with the Jeff & Jenn Podcast! Never miss a minute of your favorite morning show as Jeff, Jenn, Fritsch and Tim get you ready to take on the day—chatting with listeners and sharing their thoughts on life, love, news and community events. Check out their podcast for highlights of today's show!

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Second Date Update: My, my, how the tables have turned. 9-16-16

Second Date Update, My, my, how the tables have turned, Jeff is back, MY KY with Fritsch, The Jim Beam cocktail bar is now OPEN!, What show were you not allowed to watch as a kid?, What old school artist is going on tour?


 2016-09-16  39m

Second Date Update: Was that really that funny? 9-15-16

Second Date Update, Was that really that funny?, News That Didn't Make the News, Jeff is out sick and he's live on Facebook showing us his crib, Take a selfie if you're feeling sad, A child is suing her parents for posting embarrassing...


 2016-09-16  27m

Second Date Update: Party? What party? 9-14-16

Jeff is out sick, We catch up with Jeff and find out what's going on, Second Date Update, Party? What party?, These toys are potentially headed to the National Toy Hall of Fame, What was you fave toy when you were little.


 2016-09-15  28m

Second Date Update: What's Jumanji style? 9-13-16

2nd Date Update: What's Jumanji style?, Jeff and Jenn Jury,Adam and Chelsea have a decision to make. They are looking for their very 1st home and have two different opinions. Adam wants to buy an older home that can be a fixer upper....


 2016-09-13  30m

Second Date Update: Music brings us closer together. 9-12-16

2nd Date Update: Music bring us closer together, News That Didn't Make the News, Women send an average of 7 naked photos in their lifetime, Target settled a lawsuit from a woman being stabbed in the hand by a needle, Where's the...


 2016-09-12  27m

Second Date Update: The holidays are closer than you think. 9-9-16

Snack time with Tim, 2nd Date Update, The holidays are closer than you think, NFL is BACK!, News That Didn't Make the News, 5% of fans paint their bodies for a game, What crazy things have you worn to a game?, Best places to raise a...


 2016-09-09  32m

Second Date Update: Dating can get really messy. 9-8-16

Second Date Update: Dating can get really messy. News that Didn't Make the News, What is cool and not cool?, Why do we love burritos?, Sully the movie, The crime that fulfilled a destiny, Signs that people are uncomfortable, iPhone7,...


 2016-09-08  35m

Second Date Update: What does Netflix and chill mean? 9-7-16

News that Didn't Make the News, People in Australia have been adding veggies to their cereal. What crazy thing do you eat for breakfast? Second Date Update, what does Netflix and Chill mean?, Workers polled would rather be anywhere...


 2016-09-07  37m

Second Date Update: Two chicks walk into a bar. 09-06-16

E News, Who is still mad at Steve Harvey? Is Tom Brady boycotting the NFL? Second Date Update: Two chicks walk into a bar. Jeff and Jenn Jury: Should we move our entire family to Hawaii?


 2016-09-06  37m

Second Date Update + Helping Melodic Connections

A Classic Second Date Update and raising money to buy instruments for Melodic Connections in Norwood. They offer music therapy for almost 600 people with developmental issues. They lost everything in the flooding earlier this week. Thanks...


 2016-09-02  24m