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      Happy Easter - Easter Songs! Team Building And Robot Boyfriends.

      Some hectic Easter songs to get you up and about! Have team building exercises become to ridiculous? Thom & Elly built comradery through spending time with beer. AND Should Elly order a robot boyfriend!? Even with her confusing boy situation? The guys explore the reality of an $11K robot boyfie. ALSO a 'special' Easter story!



      Beyonce's Mystery Biter, Facebook Spies & Indian Givers

      Someone has bitten Beyonce and Thom and Elly won't rest until they know who!

      Not only that but Facebook is spying on us and the guys are scared by that prospect.. but at the same time Elly's kind of hopeful her bikini pics will make it to a front page somewhere #celeblife #amiright?

      The guys talk Indian givers and bad presents after Elly complains she still hasn't received a present she was given two years ago! Turns out this is pretty common around the...



      Quirky Country Music Song Title Day (That's a Thing!) & Drunk Pilots

      How country music artists come up with their song titles T&E will never know, but they delve right into some in today's Catch Up. 

      Plus old goodie-two-shoes Chaney is faced with some confronting situations she has to wrangle her way out of in a new segment 'Can Elly Handle This?'

      Is hiding your partner from your social media insulting to them? The guys ask the question to the people of the GV as well as talking all things Jason Dundas, the self proclaimed 'next in...



      Ball Tampering, Childhood Lies & Weird Food Combos

      The ball scratch that cost Australia its integrity - the whole GV/country/world is talking about it! Thom and Elly get Nathan Currie from Nine News on the show to share his thoughts on the saga.

      Plus, Elly's mind was blown today when she learnt that swallowing 8 spiders in your lifetime while you sleep is a lie! What other childhood lies do you believe? 

      The guys chat unusual food combos too - olives and brownies? No beer without a cracker? You people are odd and we...



      Elly's Bloopers, Royal Emojis & Bull Riders

      Everyone loves a good blooper and Elly's had some doozies that have found their way into this Catch Up! T&E chat to Rohan Markham the Professional Bull Rider to hear all about how a bull once stomped on his guts and the guys chat about when in life you would find yourself needing a Royal emoji. Spoiler: there's actually quite a need for them.



      Thom's Memory Sucks, Unrequited Love Sucks & AFL's Back!

      T&E are stoked to have the AFL season kicking off tonight so they got Channel 9 Sports Presenter Nathan Currie on the phone to talk all things footy.

      If you caught yesterday's show you would've heard how Thom's memory is the worst so today Elly thought she'd capitalise on that flaw and put him to the test. 

      Plus, Thom could've been a wine collecting millionaire, he could've been married to his high school crush who never loved him back and he could've had the next...


       2018-03-21  29m

      Dog Diaries, Is Elly Decent Person? And Is She Ready For The D?

      What are dogs ACTUALLY thinking? Thom and Elly hear from a REAL dog to find out. Has Elly finally proven herself as a half decent person? Her carwash experience has her believing so. Also, Elly samples the Goulburn Valley's staple drink 'Mr D', along with a mouth full of rock salt (seriously!)


       2018-03-21  14m

      Bitching In Taxis, How Did They Breakup With You? Cleaning Lady Issues!

      Thom has been caught talking about Elly behind her back! Thom & Elly hear some Jerry Springer style break up stories (involving mums!) and will Thom grow the balls to confront his cleaning lady about a touchy issue? Listen here to find out! 


       2018-03-20  22m

      Judgey John, Vow Renewals & Stupid Reviews

      Elly's dad is a semi-retired judge so is in studio and at the ready to give out some free advice to the people of the GV. Not legal advice though, calm down, we're not AM radio - just hard hitting stuff like what Bec from Mooroopna should do about her partner's dirty laundry.

      Married at First Sight produced a bombshell at the vow renewals last night so Thom and Elly thought they should renew their own vows as work husband and wife. 

      Plus, it turns out you can review...


       2018-03-19  22m

      We Find Alex, Bye Bullies & Naughty Train Antics

      The week long search for Alex the Legend came to a head today when the guys finally heard from him! Mia from Channel Nine drops in to push her chances at getting a GV boyfriend... and to give us some news too. Kind of.

      A couple did something naughty on a train that the guys can't talk about on the radio so they enlist the help of the sound effect library.

      Finally, Thom and Elly delve into bullying within the community to commemorate National Day of Action against Bullying....


       2018-03-15  21m