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J&E CATCH UP – Crappy Customers, Winning Your Ex Back & Saucing Things Up In Her Long Disty Relationship!

A helluva lot of random chats in today’s show! This time of year brings out allll the crazy customers in retail so J&E delve into how one employee got the ultimate revenge on a crappy customer! Cardi B’s ex has tried to win her back in the most elaborate way so the guys want to hear stories of similar attempts! Elly’s been doing long distance for a while now so she thought it was time to mix things up in the relationship! Josiah found her solution pretty underwhelming though....



J&E CATCH UP – Wardrobe Malfunctions, Amateur Detectives & Rap Of The Year!

E-CHAYNE IS BACK with a wrap rap to end all wrap raps! While she was performing the rap though, she had an awful wardrobe malfunction that she needs to get off her chest. Ever had to take the law into your own hands to right injustice? Elly’s boyfriend Gav did over the weekend when his boat was stolen! There’s a monster in Euroa Josiah wants to know more about, Dean McCarthy joins J&E for his last Hollywood scoop of the year and they delve into the most googled searches of 2018. Enjoy!



Screw Up Fridays Episode 7!

Presenting Josiah & Elly and all the times they’ve got it wrong throughout the week! Highlights include Elly's extremely average film knowledge, Josiah “rustling some feathers” and their complete inability to read ads.



J&E CATCH UP - Storm Stories, Scrooging & Screw Up Fridays!

Friday shows are always fun! Particularly the morning of Josiah & Elly's big Christmas party!  Mia Egerton-Warburton joins the guys for her GV Wrap and fills them in on all that's been happening around the place this week - most notably, the robberies in Tongala and the wild weather!  "Scrooging" is a new dating term that's gotten Elly mad!  They talk about the wild weather that's been hitting the GV over the last 24 hours and get some great storm stories!  Josiah's disappointed in Shepp...



J&E CATCH UP – Helpful Cheating, Elly’s Saucy Nan & Josiah The Christmas Tree!

If you haven’t check out the HitGV socials then “Josiah The Christmas Tree” probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.. Basically, his man bun turned into a Christmas tree for the day and it was EVERYTHING! Turns out Elly’s nan has a crush on her boyfriend....



J&E CATCH UP - Love Dilemmas, 2018 J&E Awards & Getting Lucky... Twice!

ALPHABUCKS CLUE IN HERE! ALSO... Holding an awards ceremony when there's only two candidates for each category makes winning awards pretty easy! There's a life hack for you! So Josiah and Elly decided to hold some awards of their own to wrap up their year.  Josiah's mate is having a bit of a love crisis and it turns out the GV is very willing to give him some advice about it! A woman in Euroa won lotto TWICE on the weekend. It's not bloody fair!  Enjoy! 



Josiah & Elly Take On A Scammer!

Goulburn Valley residents be warned! "Constable David from the ATO" tried to scam Josiah so he and Elly got their mates together to get him back! 



J&E CATCH UP – Speccy Spill Saves, Good Girlfriends & The Guys Got Scammed!

Ever been scammed before? The “ATO” (inverted commas are VERY necessary there) tried to scam Josiah the other day so the guys thought they’d get their revenge on the scammers the best way they knew how. A video of a man being attacked by a kangaroo whilst managing to not spill a drop of his beer has surfaced online so J&E want to know about the spectacular saves you’ve performed on your drinks...



J&E CATCH UP – Weird Collections, Gambling Nuns & Khaki Vs CarQuee!

The post staff Christmas party show is just about as loose as it gets for Josiah and Elly! They’re all over the place with raging debates, plenty of mistakes and some straight up hilarious stories. For example, the absolute gold that was their friend walking into a glass door on Friday night. It doesn’t get any funnier than the footage they managed to capture! Things get heated when they couldn’t come to an agreement on the correct way to pronounce “khaki”...



Screw Up Friday's - Week 6!

Yep, you guessed it - Josiah & Elly went another week managing to stuff ALOT up. So kick back & enjoy week 6 for Screw Up Friday's