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J&E CATCH UP – Savvy Sheppartonians, Taking Weird Offence & Poo Joggers Explained!

Some weird and wonderful content makes its way into today’s Catch Up! From poo joggers to coffin talkers, it’s got it all! The poo jogger is trending massively today because it’s not the first time someone has defecated on a sidewalk – Josiah tries to find out why it’s a thing! Something Shaynna Blaze cried about on Sunday night has got to be THE most ridiculous tear jerker you’ve ever heard, but does it take the cake from a woman who cried over an ice cream? A couple of graveyard stories rear...



Human Nature Challenge Boss Benny To A Dance Off

Toby from Human Nature caught up with Josiah & Boss Benny ahead of their shows in Melbourne in December. Ben revealed a little too much about himself which led to a potential dance off.



J&E CATCH UP – Goat Show Results, Surprise Party Stress & Nollsie’s Mid Life Crisis

HOW DID VINCENT VAN GOAT GO AT THE SHEPP SHOW?! The results are in and they may surprise you! Shannon Noll is going through what Elly is calling a bit of a mid-life crisis – but Katie from Shepp’s mum’s is much worse! Toby from Human Nature joined Josiah with Boss Benny while Elly was away and something was revealed about Benny that needs to be followed up! Elly threw her boyfriend a surprise party over the weekend but the amount of stress it caused meant the whole thing wasn’t really worth...



J&E Catch Up - Boss Benny Performs Live, Top 5 Live & Benny The Bum Tickler

Elly is away today so Josiah was joined by Boss Benny and the boys were out to play!  Josiah stitched up Benny and made him perform live after he revealed something in the office. The big big big boss Rod joined them to judge Ben's performance. Also Benny's regular segments Top 5 and Facts over coffee make a return.  There's also an animal that gets more drunk than humans and an update on Benny the bum tickler! Enjoy xo



Screw Up Friday's October 11th!

Friday the 11th of October was no exception to the rule that Josiah and Elly are very good at stuffing up! Enjoy this weeks edition!



J&E CATCH UP – 12 Night Parties, Goat Training Updates & Have You Been Pooed On?

A 12 night long party sounds like a bit of a fun time and to be honest, that’s what it’ll feel like listening to today’s Catch Up! Josiah and Elly have continued their journey to train up a goat in time for the Shepparton Show but yesterday’s training session didn’t go quite as they had planned! Elly’s in shred mode at the moment and wants to know if any other women have set themselves a goal outfit to wear...



Ever Wondered What A Life Assistant Does?

We NEED this in our lives ASAP! Caroline Guillemain-Brunne from Organise. Curate. Design joins the guys for a chat about her lifestyle management agency and how it works! 



J&E CATCH UP – Scotty Cam, Elly’s Lifestyle Change & What Fell Off Your Car?

The goat training journey continues in today’s Catch Up with Elly revealing to Josiah what he’ll be wearing on the big day and also providing him with a few pump up goat quotes!  Plus, Scotty Cam joins the guys for a chat about The Block and whether he reckons he's a dad to the contestants as well as giving his two cents on the NRL Grand Final! Elly's worst nightmare has come true with a shipment of VB's spilling all over a major highway - what fell off your car? And Elly also has an...



J&E CATCH UP – Sprung In The Car, Bum Ticklers & Talking To Dead People!

Another real mixed bag in today’s show, from bum ticklers to dead people! Ever spoken to a dead person? A famous actress reckons she has and so does Josh from Shepp! Fascinating stuff! Elly got sprung in the car picking at something she shouldn’t have… Bet your imagination is going wild. Shepp is getting a new suburb so Josiah and Elly have taken it upon themselves to try and figure out what it could be called...



J&E CATCH UP - Daylight Saving Haters, Little Fights & Boss Benny Co-Hosts!

Josiah is away lamenting the Canberra Raiders' loss last night so Boss Benny fills in as co host on the show today and he's got a few tricks up his sleeve! Like reading Elly excerpts from his diary and giving her fun facts over non-existent short blacks...