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J&E CATCH UP – Tatt Chats, Face Bites & Elly’s Story

Elly telling a story isn’t anything new on the show, but when she says it’s the best story she’s ever told on the radio then you’d better hope it’s a good one! Josiah’s not so sure… Tattoo regrets is one of the most entertaining things to talk about and a few of the stories that file in on the topic today are just great. One of J&E’s colleagues has been attacked guys! And not just once! What bit her face will have you cringing the whole way through the podcast...



J&E CATCH UP – Short Relationships, Weird Food Combos & Elly’s A Dog?!

ELLY DOGGED JOSIAH ON THE WEEKEND GUYS! Or did she? The two of them go at it to decipher whether or not Elly is indeed, a dog...



J&E CATCH UP – Andy Lee, Love Island Winners & Keeping Your Exes Stuff!

So many guests AGAIN on today’s show! Andy Lee phones in for a chat about his new show with Hamish and helps J&E plan the perfect GV holiday, while also letting it slip that he is a qualified bus driver! The loved up Josh and Anna from Love Island join the guys live from Fiji after their whirlwind romance won them $50 000 – but will they be getting a joint bank account or is it too soon? The Bachelorette wrapped up last night and Angie awkwardly received a ring from both guys – but did she keep...



Screw Up Fridays Episode 33!

Josiah gets SO tongue tied in today's Screw Up Fridays - it's hilarious!



Love Island Winners Are ALREADY Getting A Joint Bank Account!

Josh and Anna won 50 grand collectively so it doesn't sound like the worst idea... but is it too soon?! Josiah also managed to get his hands on Josh's Year 5 report card so he gives Anna a heads up on who Josh is outside of Fiji!



J&E CATCH UP – Sexy Men, Josiah’s Date & Daylight Robberies!

The world’s sexiest man has been revealed and no, it’s not Josiah! Despite that, he still went on his first man date last night and Elly gets the dude on the show to ask him alllll about it! A man in Shepp has lashed out at a practice we do most days and Elly does NOT agree with it! Ever been robbed in plain sight? A man in the US pulled off an amazing feat, robbing his mate of his ice cream straight out of his hand in front of millions of TV viewers! The most unlikely duo have been hanging out...



J&E CATCH UP – Last Option Undies, E-Chayne’s MAGA Rap & Love Island’s Todd!

A whole bunch of guests join Josiah and Elly on the show today! Like the loved up Todd from Love Island who got booted off last night but still found love with Jessie so he isn’t leaving empty handed! The former Richmond player dished on which of his former teammates would be giving him the most hass about the whole “falling in love” thing! Country singer Melanie Dyer phoned in too and told them all about her new single ‘Memphis T-Shirt’, her love of goats and whether or not she’ll one day be a...



J&E CATCH UP - Boss Benny's Doghouse, Snow Patrol & Temporary Fixes!

Boss Benny has done wrong by his wife and now the whole GV knows about it!  Gary Lightbody, the lead singer from Snow Patrol, joins Josiah and Elly after the release of their new 'Reworked' album!  Producer Brooke has come up with a solution to a problem she's been having at home and it involves sanitary pads.....



J&E CATCH UP - Animal Run Ins, Weird Tradies & Block Winners!

Tess and Luke from the Block won a truckload of money last night on the Block so they join the guys to tell them how they'll be spending it! Josiah had an animal run in over the weekend that nearly cost him his life and apparently he's not the only one in the GV! Who is the weirdest tradie? Rumours are swirling that it's sparkies but does the GV agree? The most awkward thing in the world is when you get someone's name wrong - but what happens when you get it wrong repeatedly and for a LONG...



Tess & Luke In Their First Radio Interview Since Winning The Block!

It's bright and early and Tess and Luke are still coming down from last night's massive win! They tell the guys what they'll be doing with the money, their thoughts on Mitch and Mark what's next for their potential house flipping company!