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You can get up with Josiah and Herbie on the GV's Hit 96.9 from 6-9am weekdays but downloading this Catch Up is probably better. Listen as they talk about life in the Goulburn Valley, delves into quirky stories from around the globe, reports on everything in sports and entertainment and ultimately just navigates through the train wreck of his life. Enjoy!

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Josiah's Last Show For A While... TV Binge Sessions & Herbie Thinks She Is Sexy!

On Today’s Show - Josiah has self-diagnosed himself! Animals are returning to the GV while in iso. Herbie thinks she did something sexy… How long was your TV binge? The reveal of the map challenge! How do you end a phone call in iso? Dumb thief… People are coming back from the dead!  What’s Your Occupation?



Do You Spend More On You Pet Than Yourself! COVIDSafe App & Herbie Might Be A Criminal!

On Today’s Show - Hit Tech Man - Trent on the new COVIDSafe app. Do you spend more money on your pets than yourself? Bodhi Hawken’s local Anzac tribute has gone viral. Herbie might have partaken in criminal activity without knowing… When have you walked into the wrong house? Trump has officially lost it!  Taiwan has the solution to crowds at sports. Josiah map challenge update



The Importance Of Anzac Day For Younger Generations

Herbie’s friend Caitlin Lugton opens up to why Anzac Day is so important to her and how she will be honouring Anzac Day this year.


 2020-04-24  5m

Anzac Day For The Younger Generations, Bad Boys & Josiah’s Map Challenge

On Today’s Show -  The importance on Anzac Day for the younger generation Josiah sets Herbie a map challenge  Do you find bad boys attractive? Herbie’s Hobbies - Anzac Biscuits Local MP for Euroa - Steph Ryan Herbie got stuck in her dress! The GV could win a viral challenge that’s gone global College roommates did what to their friend? A Fact A Day Keeps The Doctor Away  Would you volunteer for the vaccine trials?


 2020-04-24  38m

Where have you gotten stuck? Win Free Beer & Iceland’s Advice While In Iso

On Today’s Show -  Where have you gotten stuck? Local artist Tank reveals his new Covid-19 inspired mural We auction off Josiah’s laptop ANZAC Day this Saturday  Iceland’s advice on how to get through isolation Head or Tails  Bunning could take to the skies Win a year’s worth of beer...what’s the catch?


 2020-04-23  28m

Niall Horan!!! Hand Signals For Walking, Shout Out To GV Health

On Today’s Show -  Niall Horan talks about the potential One D reunion Josiah wants to sell his laptop Guess the tongue song game  Hand signals for walking  How long have you fasted? Herbie’s shout out to GV Health  Breast implants saved a lady’s life! Mexican’s President warning for criminals Reporters husband pops up in broadcast  Former golfer isn’t happy about dating 


 2020-04-22  36m

Niall Horan Talks A Possible One Direction Reunion

Josiah surprised Herbie by getting Naill Horan on the show! Or did he...


 2020-04-22  3m

Tik Tok has banned Josiah! Strange Phobias & Dream Analyst Jane Teresa

On Today’s Show -  Do you have a strange phobia? Dream Analyst - Jane Teresa  Should Insta Stories have a daily limit? The best weather reporter ever!  Josiah has been banned from Tik Tok!  We have been eating burgers wrong our whole lives. Mario What’s your occupation? A hotel introduces ‘Isolation Bingo’


 2020-04-21  38m

Herbie Has A New Love, Crazy Dreams & Party Tricks!

On Today’s Show -  Can you get Coronavirus from farts? Herbie has a new love  What’s your party trick? A fact a day keeps the doctor away! Josiah was abused… Have you been having odd dreams? Herbie is not happy! Let us know what you are up to in isolation. One clean criminal...


 2020-04-20  32m

Herbie's Open Letter To Her Mum Who Is A Nurse

Herbie shares an open letter written for her mum, Trish who is a nurse at The Alfred Hospital. 


 2020-04-03  3m