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Violet Town's Ella Hooper Ahead Of The All New Monty!

She's getting her kit off this weekend and its for a very good reason! Killing Heidi legend and Violet Town's own Ella Hooper has a chat to Elly about what we can expect from the 'Ladies Night' special happening on Sunday! 



Screw Up Fridays Episode 29!

The guys have had a VERY stumble-y week!  



J&E CATCH UP - Conception Stories, Car Invaders & Jay Sean!

Jay Sean joins Josiah and Elly on the show today! Well, he joins Elly.....



J&E CATCH UP - Accidental Posts, Opera Haters & Ethical Dilemmas!

Country Rap Remakes is back today and Elly has been challenged to remake a Nicki Minaj classic.....



J&E CATCH UP - Good Deeds Backfiring, Shepp Lotto Winner Search, & Elly's Mum Arrested!

Where do we start with today's Catch Up? The fact that Elly's mum nearly got arrested in Euroa yesterday? The fact that 20 people in Shepp won lotto yesterday and we can't find them? Or the fact Elly's angry about a good deed she performed over the weekend that went unrewarded?! Plus, a wrap on the storming of Area 51 and a wrap on the Emmys and Brownlow respectively make their way into the show too! Enjoy!  



J&E CATCH UP - Busby Marou, Grandy Recaps & Did A Hot Chick Cost You?

Isn't it the worst when hot chicks cost you? Nick Kyrgios found this out first hand over the weekend and it turns out a few people in the GV have suffered a similar experience! The boys from Busby Marou join J&E for a hilarious chat about their new single and an anecdote or two about their time on the road with Pete Murray! It was Grand Finals galore over the weekend in the GV and Michael from Shepp recaps the highlights! The CEO of Beyond Housing joins the guys for a huge surprise from...



Beyond Housing CEO Receives An Amazing Surprise!

CEO of Beyond Housing Celia Adams joins Josiah and Elly for a special surprise from the team at Anaconda in Shepp! 



Busby Marou Reveal Who Farted On Pete Murray's Head

The boys from Busby Marou joined Josiah and Elly for a hilarious chat that somehow ended with an amazing story about their time touring with Pete Murray!



J&E CATCH UP - Lucky Charms, Resting Stress Face & Studio Sessions Are Back!

A massive Friday show saw Studio Sessions return with Kyabram's Bohdi Hawken getting behind the mic for a rendition of Ed Sheeran's 'You Need Me'! The Powerball went off last night and neither Josiah or Elly won so they're on the look out for a new lucky charm. Does Elly have 'resting bitch face'? She reckons it's just 'resting stress face' but her bosses tend to disagree....



J&E CATCH UP – Blackout Results, Stand Up Comedy & A New Song!

Josiah & Elly spent the last 24 hours locked up in a room together with NO access to the outside world! No technology, no phones, no social media, NOTHING. Safe to say they went NUTS inside and went even mroe nuts in today's podcast. Their reasoning is fair though, walking straight in from their room to do a live show - you'll hear it all on today's catch up - including an original J&E song, a stand up comedy routine + Mario from Shep calls in to let the guys know how that went...