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Gezim Gashi Is Looking For Musicians In The Goulburn Valley To Give Scholarships Too

Gezim Gashi has partnered with Oaks Christian School to develop and launch the IAI, Institue of Arts and Innovation & is looking for music talent in the Goulburn Valley to get a scholarship in LA! Josiah and Elly chat to him to find out all about it, as well as his relationship with Justin Bieber & discovering the band NOTD!



J&E CATCH UP – Following Your Parents (Stripping) Dreams, Kissing On The Lips & Josiah Vs Elly!

Yeah the title reads correctly dudes, a woman’s dying wish was for her son to become a stripper so lo and behold, that’s the career path he took! J&E open the phones to more people following in their parents footsteps and it turns out it happens pretty often! Tom Brady has ignited a debate in the Hit offices over whether it’s okay to kiss someone on the lips who’s not your partner and it turns out the GV is invested too! The guys launch a new weekly segment that pits them against each other...



J&E CATCH UP - Weird Compliments, Gross Sightings & Meet Me In The Riddle!

J&E are back for another week and they kick things off with a weird but wonderful story from Elly's weekend that has left her scratching her perfectly proportioned forehead (that'll make more sense when you listen)...



J&E CATCH UP - A Birthday Investigation, Human Nature & Elly's A Thief!

Josiah and Elly were so loose on the show today that they actually had a listener call them to ask if they'd been drinking. They hadn't, for the record, IT'S JUST A BLOODY FRIDAY MATES!  Josiah said something when he was cutting his birthday cake yesterday that made him look EXTREMELY seedy but it turns out he thought it was a normal birthday tradition! So the guys launch an investigation to discover what is an appropriate cake cutting joke...



Screw Up Fridays Episode 2!

Sometimes Josiah and Elly are hilariously bad at their jobs... There are stumbles galore in this week's edition of Screw Up Fridays!



J&E CATCH UP - Josiah's Birthday Guests, Romance Killers & Relationship Dilemmas

Happy Birthday Josiah! It's mentioned once or twice in the show today, not gonna lie, BUT its worth giving him the limelight because two of their favourites join them on air to give their birthday wishes - Mario and Grandma!  E-Chayne is back in honour of Josiah's birthday too, with a rap that sends Josiah a message he NEEDS to hear now that he's 29...



J&E CATCH UP – Embarrassing Injuries, Revealing Speeches & The Bach’s Loved Up Couple!

MAFS is the gift that keeps on giving! Last night’s episode saw a best man give a speech that revealed wayyyy too much so the guys put the call out for stories about speeches that did the same! Elly’s got an injury she acquired in an unusual and slightly embarrassing way.. But it’s nothing compared to Warrick’s story about injuring his “special place”. Spoiler alert, the word “sack” gets said a lot...



Matty J Has A Foot Fetish?! We Ask Laura!

The Bachelor glamour couple joined Josiah and Elly and Matty J's weird foot rule was the first thing to come up! 



J&E CATCH UP - Dinner Table Rules, Unexplored Roads & Medicinal Cannabis In Shepp!

Josiah and Elly actually try to be smart today guys! They speak to MP Jaclyn Symes about the medicinal cannabis facility that's coming to Shepp and the also chat with Sam Dastyari about politics too - and he doesn't hold back!  They then take a less intelligent approach to things when they snicker about something said on Married At First Sight last night that was HILARIOUS! And also useful because it lead to a discussion on dinner table rules that got the GV talking...



MP Jaclyn Symes Talks New Medical Cannabis Facility In Shepparton

MP & Minister for Agriculture Jaclyn Symes came on the Josiah and Elly show on Hit 96.9 & says people need to be more educated on this issue and it's a brilliant thing to not only save people's lives but also for jobs in the area.