Everybody is Awful (Except You) with Jim Florentine

Barstool Sports presents Jim Florentine as the host of the Everybody is Awful (Except You) podcast. Jim has recorded six stand-up comedy albums and shot four full-length specials. On television Jim hosted 7 seasons of VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show" as well as lending his voice to the ground breaking "Crank Yankers". On radio Jim has been a regular on The Howard Stern show, the Opie & Anthony show and currently hosts his own program on Sirius. In addition Jim is a best selling author, world-renowned voice over talent, and has been featured in the film's "Beer League" with Artie Lange and "Trainwreck" with Amy Schumer. Subscribe now.


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NEW Awful 80s Songs

with Jim Florentine. All of the worst songs you hear in the grocery store.


 2021-05-17  46m

More Awful Yelp! Reviews

with Jim Florentine. Encore episode of Yelp! reviews, and no I don't want a warm cookie.


 2021-05-13  45m

Awful Yelp! Reviews

with Jim Florentine. Morons who leave bad reviews are scum.


 2021-05-10  42m

Idiots On Facebook

with Jim Florentine. Idiots of Facebook post dumb shit.


 2021-05-06  47m

This Never Happened

with Jim Florentine. These things never happened, a collection of stories from the internet.


 2021-05-03  49m

The Good Side of Bad News

with Jim Florentine. A lot of made up stories at the grocery story, and child who can see no color at "twin day" ...yea, this never happened.


 2021-04-29  43m

Random Rants

with Jim Florentine. “It’s okay to do nice things for people. You don't have to make it up and you don't have to brag about it. Just fucking do it and that’s it. Stop making up lies.”


 2021-04-26  47m

Awful Dating Sites

with Jim Florentine. "Y'know when a girl writes in her profile that she’s not a sleazy bitch, that means she probably is.”


 2021-04-22  46m

Awful Inspirational Quotes

with Jim Florentine. "Teamwork makes the dream work." No it doesn't.


 2021-04-19  50m

Awful T Shirts

with Jim Florentine. "You’re supposed to eat pizza, not want to fuck it.”


 2021-04-15  46m