Everybody is Awful (Except You) with Jim Florentine

Barstool Sports presents Jim Florentine as the host of the Everybody is Awful (Except You) podcast. Jim has recorded six stand-up comedy albums and shot four full-length specials. On television Jim hosted 7 seasons of VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show" as well as lending his voice to the ground breaking "Crank Yankers". On radio Jim has been a regular on The Howard Stern show, the Opie & Anthony show and currently hosts his own program on Sirius. In addition Jim is a best selling author, world-renowned voice over talent, and has been featured in the film's "Beer League" with Artie Lange and "Trainwreck" with Amy Schumer. Subscribe now.


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This Man Has 15 DWI's

A Man Goes To Jail After 15 DWI's. A Fake Penis Is Filled With Cocaine. A Female Corrections Officer Has Sex With A Prisoner. The Good Side Of Bad News Is Back ...


 2020-07-09  48m

Awful 80s Songs - July 5

Too Shy - Kajagoogoo, Uptown Girl - Billy Joel, 500 Miles - Whoever Sang That, Hello - Lionel Ritchie, more ...


 2020-07-06  45m

Disgusting Facebook Sympathy

Send in any garbage you see out there - @EverybodyAwful


 2020-07-02  49m

Don't Name Your Baby Karen

Karen. Wild west names like 'Stretson.' Old-school names. 'Lundyn.'


 2020-06-29  47m

I Despise Man Caves and She Sheds

Isn't A She Shed The Whole House? Wine Fairies, and Guys That Are Into Horoscopes ...yuck.


 2020-06-25  52m

Nobody Is Allowed To Leave 1-Star Yelp Reviews Anymore

A Cheesesteak that smells like onions. A bagel boss that wants his green tea. No one is allowed to hurt small businesses anymore after lockdown is over.


 2020-06-22  53m

Awful T-Shirts: Mess With Me, And They Will Never Find Your Body

5 Things You Should Know About My Husband. Bonny & Clyde. My Husband's Wife Is Frickin' Awesome.


 2020-06-18  54m

I Got This ...No You Don't

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo …but what you want is someone who will also take the bus with you when the limo breaks down." - If you are going to make up your own inspirational quotes, at least have them make sense.


 2020-06-15  54m

You Can Use Your Underwear As A Mask

A lady takes off her underwear in a post office and uses it as a mask. A man fucks a horse and doesn't pull out. Another man is asked to leave a threesome, and then wants back in.


 2020-06-11  48m

School Stories

In first grade I whipped my penis out in class to show my friends my first ball hair.


 2020-06-08  58m