I was on my way to make a suicide when suddenly Jesus Christ stood in my home and talked to me. I was not raised in a church and I was 48 years old when I decided me to end my life and instead it STARTED my life. I heard a voice in the air but could not see who it was that talking to me but I knew it was GOD even if I didn't knew HIM. Those two from heaven took me on a incredible journey and knowledge for 20 years and today is my life under GOD to make people to come to know the true GOD. I have told you that there is a hierarchy in heaven. Those from the inner city have most energy and will come before all other. Very few on the meadow is able to come forward and talk to me but maybe a child can hide behind a great energy and come with it to talk because I get a feeling of a mischievous spirit in a child but in the same time serious. I have no organisation behind me, I am on my own but GOD is with me. I am an ordained Pastor but am set aside by GOD. I have PhD in Psychology. My interest are many but those who I am talking in my Podcast is: AI ( Artificiell intelligens ), how the brain are working, culture, religions, addiction in many forms. https://www...

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Bad sound because I hold the mic close to my body.



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