Joint Accounts

She's from the Oregon countryside. He's from the projects of Brooklyn, New York. A married couple who met on the internet let you listen in on their most candid conversations.

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Kamikaze Heart Jumper

Megan and Kervin welcome their very first guest Megans bestfriend April Listen in as the three of them wax poetic about selfdiscovery past life regression morphic resonance and light vs dark energies Kervin wants to take Ayahuasca Megan and April tell us how they met and we enlist you to help April find love


 2015-05-31  1h15m

Coffee Enema

In this episode your favorite internet couple express their feelings on religious differences homophobia the melting pot facade psychedelics and abstinence Kervin gives his first ever confession and Megan aint got time for your shit


 2015-05-26  1h15m

Should We Get a Divorce?

Megan and Kervin answer listener questions The mailbag is filled to the brim with inquiries like can men and women be just friends would you vaccinate your child which is your favorite conspiracy theory Megan and Kervin fantasize about past sexual experiences and Megan describes her ideal woman


 2015-05-09  1h15m

Hillary Clinton is a McDonald's Salad

No subject is taboo as Megan and Kervin discuss political correctness celebrity gossip police brutality and the different ways blacks and white are portrayed in the media A dead rapper is Frankensteind and Megan thinks she and Kanye could be best friends


 2015-04-22  1h25m

Happy, and You Know It

Listen in as Megan and Kervin analyze the ubiquitous adult Loser talk openly about depression and figure out the mysterious origins of Kervins name Also an update that will blow your mind


 2015-04-22  1h14m

Memory Lane

Digging deep into the past Megan and Kervin reminisce about the early days of their relationship They talk about how they met the difficulties of longdistance relationships and they share a couple of emails they sent as they were first getting to know each other


 2015-04-22  1h17m

How the Sausage is Made

Megan and Kervin talk about everything from what girls carry in their purse to being kind to strangers and the possibility of hosting an orgy They also receive their very first anonymous confession


 2015-04-22  1h24m

Winter Hats

Megan and Kervin discuss various subjects such as imaginary friends the importance of flirting and Spring uses for Winter hats


 2015-04-22  53m

Number Two

Shaking off the sophomore jinx Megan and Kervin talk about everything from bowel movements to the ubiquitous whitegold dress We get our first listener mail and Megan divulges the first of many confessions


 2015-04-22  58m

Humble Beginnings

Megan and Kervin dip their toes into the cool waters of podcasting


 2015-04-22  57m