Jordan, Jesse, GO!

What is the dumbest show you can imagine? This award-winning show may be dumber. It has no content. No format. Yet it's going on ten years of delighting hundreds of thousands of people. It's been an iTunes editors choice, and Rolling Stone picked it as one of the world's best comedy podcasts. It's light in the dark, comfort in the cold and a penguin in the pants (long story). Join hosts Jesse Thorn (NPR's Bullseye) and Jordan Morris (Comedy Central's @Midnight) and a celebrity guest on a raucous, vulgar and warm-hearted romp that will probably leave you a better person. And will certainly make you dumber.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h22m. Bisher sind 978 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast

episode 663: Ep. 663: The Turducken with Cody Ziglar

Cody Ziglar joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the lesser-known sodas from the south like Cheer Wine, the titillating hashtag Jordan saw being used on the Antiques Roadshow, and the jarring ebb and flow of action in Attack on Titan, an anime that features naked crank-less giants eating people. Plus, we hear from some postal workers and someone who took his RPG game to the next level.



episode 662: Ep. 662: Ginger Reveal Party with Cristela Alonzo

Cristela Alonzo joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of how Jordan is doubting his creativity because of his milquetoast dreams, Cristela's quest to correct some misinformation about the Biden dogs, and the dubious existence of die-hard Aerosmith fans.



episode 661: Ep. 661: Grandma's Trick Chocolate with Brea Grant and Mallory O'Meara

Brea Grant and Mallory O'Meara join Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of how everyone spent the most powerful Halloween of all time, how Elvira will not sign autographs unless she is in character, and the drive-in porno theater in Brea's hometown. Plus, Jesse helps everyone out with some Twizzler Q&A and Jordan officially declares a pro-furry position for the show!



episode 660: Ep. 660: JC Pineapples with Blaire Erskine

Blaire Erskine joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Jordan's exhilarating run through the resurrected Target Husk, the lawless Christian nightclub for teens Blaire used to go to growing up, and the genderbending papal protest organization called the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence that one of Jesse's childhood mentors was a member of.



episode 659: Ep. 659: Potty Party with Alicia Tobin

Alicia Tobin joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the intolerable soundtracks at retail jobs that play on a loop and haunt you for decades, the notoriously awful customer that spawned Alicia's Retail Nightmares podcast, and the Scandinavian gummy store by Jordan's house that is inexplicably THRIVING in the pandemic. Plus, we ignite a race to start a Rizzoli & Isles recap podcast that will eclipse all of our other shows combined.


 2020-10-23  1h14m

episode 658: Ep. 658: Mama's Candy with David Rees and Jon Kimball

David Rees and Jon Kimball (Election Profit Makers podcast) join Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the tamest political scandal of all time, Jesse's big missed opportunity on LinkedIn, and the Big League Chew swallow club that David and John had in 8th grade. Plus, Jordan makes his long-awaited debut on Instagram and only has eyes for John Dickerson.


 2020-10-16  1h16m

episode 657: Ep. 657: Seductive and Sanitized with Freddie Wong

Freddie Wong (Story Break podcast, RocketJump) joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the government-sanctioned glory holes in Vancouver, James Cameron's deal with the devil at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, and Freddie's run as a professional Guitar Hero champion.


 2020-10-08  1h24m

episode 656: Ep. 656: Thicc as a Bricc with Maddy Myers

Maddy Myers joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the backlash to Peter Dinklage's voiceover work in the Destiny video game, the obstacles in the way of Jesse doing cosplay, brick trading and how hard it is to play a video game and be engaging on a live stream.


 2020-10-01  1h33m

episode 655: Ep. 655: Deep Dry Hug with Steve Agee

Steve Agee joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of what it was like being King Shark in the new Suicide Squad movie, Jesse's disappointing experience at a Harlem Globetrotters game in the past, and Jordan's brief run-in with Joan Osborne in his youth.


 2020-09-23  1h11m

episode 654: Ep. 654: The Ole Pull and Pull with Nick Wiger

Nick Wiger joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the many different types of sexy Waluigi on the internet, Zelda Breath of the Wild blood moons, and the Pokemon ruse that Jesse is running on his son.


 2020-09-16  1h13m