Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

When Heather isn't headlining theaters across the country as a top stand up comedian, or being the perfect wife and mother of 3, she is diving into juicy pop culture. From all things Hollywood, celebrity romances, Bravo TV to her real life drama, Heather tackles the juiciest and most controversial topics.  Heather will not hold back on her opinion on anything or anyone. While talking to guests ranging anywhere from actors, to comics to reality stars, Heather asks the juiciest questions you always want answered. You can find the entire Juicy Scoop archive, ad-free, only on Stitcher Premium. For a free month of Stitcher Premium, go to stitcherpremium.com/juicyscoop and use promo code 'JUICY'.


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Juicy Scoop - Ep - 63 - Olympic Athlete and Call Girl Suzy Favor Hamilton

Olympic runner turned high class call girl turned NY Times Best Selling author of "Fast Girl" Suzy Favor Hamilton answers every juicy question. Heather talks Jon Benet and Real Housewives of NY. Then Davy Rothbart from the Found podcast shares items he and his listeners have found including a baby left in a subway.


 2016-08-25  1h49m

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 62 - Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis from Bravo's Flipping Out talks babies, assistants and real housewives. He really shares a lot! Heather talks about her husband's friend's 25 yr old fiance.


 2016-08-18  1h15m

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 61 - RHOC's Kelly Dodd

Heather is finally with her new podcast network Wondery! She shares a juicy online dating story and then get ready for the best, the juiciest and funniest interview with RHOC newest housewife Kelly Dodd. Heather gets all your questions answered and really goes deep! Enjoy!


 2016-08-11  1h30m

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 60 - Special Bonus Episode for dedicated Juicy Scoopers!

Special Bonus Episode for dedicated Juicy Scoopers!  We found Heather's old boyfriend who she has been searching for thanks to a listener. Heather tells the juicy details plus she delves into sexual harassment at Fox News and shares personal stories of other victims.   


 2016-08-05  1h1m

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 59 - Michael Phelp's Former Girlfriend Taylor Chandler

Heather interviews Swimming Olympian Michael Phelps' former girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler and she gives all the juicy scoop details. Then Heather breaks down her Bachelor in Paradise and housewives with Kate Casey. 


 2016-08-04  1h41m

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 58 - RHOC's Tamra Judge Part 2 & Jenni Pulos

Part 2 of Heather's very personal interview with Real Housewives of OC star Tamra Judge. Also, from Bravo's Flipping Out, Jenni Pulos breaks down Taylor Swift, JFk Jr., OJ's gloves, Bachelorette, RHOC. Plus a juicy serial dater story from a listener. 


 2016-07-28  1h48m

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 57 RHOC's Tamra Barney Part 1

Tamra Judge from Real Housewives of OC gives juicy scoop about fake friends vying for screen time, old boyfriends and her ugly divorce. Heather gets into Kimye & Taylor, the snap chatting awful Playmate and the worst bachelorette party email ever. Also, Heathet breaks down The Bachelorette, RHOC and Melania Trump. Enjoy.


 2016-07-21  1h35m

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 56 - Serial Dater Update & Chris Franjola

Might be the best episode yet! Juicy Serial Dater update! There is another victim! Hilarious comic Chris Franjola joins to talk about Sarah Colonna's wedding and how he came close but was never molested. Heather tells 2 super juicy tails involving golf balls & running into an old boyfriend. Heather breaks down The Bachelorette & RHOC too!


 2016-07-17  1h34m

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 55 - Stuttering John & Christina Pazsitzky

Comic Stuttering John Melendez joins and we discuss super juicy topics like the hooker scandal with the NYPD and if OJ is Khloe's dad. John also shares his own journey as a parent of a transgender child. Then the hilarious Christina Pazsitzky talks working in Hollywood, motherhood and how major disappointments can lead to the best things in life.


 2016-07-07  1h16m

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 54 - Shannon Beador & Monica Ten-Kate

Might be the Juiciest and funniest episode yet! Heather is joined by her real friend and real Housewife Shannon Beador of OC and much is revealed about Vicki, behind the scenes and the making of a reality show. Then Medium and TV star Monica Ten-Kate unexpectedly talks to both Heather's parents from heaven and many intimate family secrets are revealed.


 2016-06-30  1h54m