Just The Tips, with James P. Friel and Dean Holland

Just The Tips is a business talk show for entrepreneurs and business owners who are tired of listening to the same old stodgy content. Interviewing (and sometimes roasting) top entrepreneurs from around the world, each episode is fun, witty and informative. It's a must listen for anyone wanting to transform their marketing, sales and business while having a laugh instead of falling asleep. We, not so humbly, believe it's the best business and marketing podcast in the world.


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episode 201: Master the Art of Persuasion with Kenrick Cleveland

Most people think of persuasion as selling a product or service. That’s one use for persuasion, but there’s so many more. If you’re a parent, you’re persuading your kids to take a bath and eat their vegetables. If you and a group of friends...



episode 200: Our 200th Anniversary - Biggest Tips & Lessons Learned

Tune into this 200th anniversary episode for the guys’ favorite tips, lessons, and insights from the past 200 episodes (along with plenty of jokes at each other’s expense...because it wouldn’t be a Just The Tips episode without them!)



episode 199: How to Scale Your Company Fast, with Brandon & Kaelin Poulin

This episode was SO good, we’re re-airing it for you this week! If you’re ready to scale your company fast, tune in to hear how Brandon and Kaelin Poulin took LadyBoss Weight Loss from a startup to a company with 350,000 customers in just a few...



episode 198: How To Sell Your Business For A Huge Profit with (Michelle Seiler Tucker)

Tune in to hear exactly how to make your business sellable, including why a sellable business is your best bet even if you have zero intention of selling it.



episode 197: Best of Marketing: Vol. 1

In its nearly 200-episode (and counting) run, Just The Tips has welcomed several of the top marketing minds on the planet to share their best business-building marketing tips. In this week’s episode, James and Dean have gathered the best of the best...


 2021-05-13  54m

episode 196: Creating The Perfect Sales Pitch Part 2

Back in episode 193 of Just The Tips, James and Dean covered several foundational steps you need to have in place before you create a perfect sales pitch. They included: Who are you serving? Who are the RIGHT people for your offer? Why are they the...


 2021-05-06  57m

episode 195: Mindset - An Entrepreneur’s Source of Power

Ever have days you can’t wait to leap out of bed, and before you know it, 12 hours have passed and you realize you didn’t even eat?   And how about days where, no matter how many hours you sit in front of the computer, nothing positive or...


 2021-04-29  56m

episode 194: Discover Your Leadership Style with Melanie Parish

Most entrepreneurs don’t start out thinking of themselves as leaders. Besides an entrepreneur, you might see yourself as a product creator, service provider, coach, marketers, copywriter, or any other number of titles.   Then your business hits...


 2021-04-22  56m

episode 193: Creating The Perfect Sales Pitch

You’re probably all too familiar with both ends of the sales spectrum. On one end are people unwilling to sell anything, because they feel slimy at the thought of selling. At the opposite end are people willing to sell you swampland in Florida if it...


 2021-04-15  56m

episode 192: Overcoming Today’s Entrepreneurial Epidemic

There’s an epidemic facing today’s entrepreneurs--one that all struggle with at some point: Shiny object syndrome. You’ve heard of it and may even be intimately familiar with it.   Considering human beings are hard-wired to seek out the...


 2021-04-08  56m