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Season 2 (episodes 38-now): Brian Scherschel chronologically, critically and academically examines a Godzilla/kaiju/tokusatsu film in each episode. Brian relates the movies to pertinent issues about Japan. Kaijuvision Radio is dedicated to discovering the Japanese National Spirit in Toho tokusatsu films. Kaijuvision Radio’s 3-Part Format: Part 1: A short description (not a summary) of the movie. It’s an analysis tailored to kaiju and tokusatsu movies, to arm the listener with the facts. At last, a way to compare these movies to each other. Part 2: With the facts out of the way, I will analyze and give my opinions on the film. Part 3: A brand new, one-of-a-kind fusion of international affairs and movie analysis. Japan-related topic(s) either brought up by the movie, or going on at the time the movie was released. Topics are historical, political, economic, or cultural. Season 1 (episodes 1-37): It's impossible to talk about Godzilla without talking about Japan, and Japan is just as unique as Godzilla, so we’ll be discussing its history and culture and how it influenced the Godzilla film franchise, which is a great way to find out more about Japan...


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KVR Live 6: Regarding Nathan's departure from Kaijuvision in August 2018

I received a question from a listener about the circumstances of this event, so I decided to answer it. - If you're wondering why I am a little bent over in this video, it's because of severe chronic pain in my spine. -


 2020-12-30  18m

KVR Live 5: The US: A Nation in Crisis, Honda War Crimes Video Recap

In this live, I outline the incredible threat to United States national security during this tumultuous time. With the election, a possible presidential transition, and the coronavirus in the White House, there are many threats from other nations and n...


 2020-10-24  47m

KVR Live 4: G-Fan Magazine Coronavirus Article, KVR's third anniversary

In this live, I show you the new Gamera Blu-ray set that arrived, and I discuss the cancellation of G-Fest article in the newest G-Fan Magazine, and make some remarks to honor the occasion of Kaijuvision's 3rd anniversary.


 2020-09-30  1h25m

episode 57: Episode 57: Ishiro Honda and Crimes Against Humanity

In this episode I tackle the issue of Ishiro Honda's time during World War II administering a comfort women camp. - I was asked how he evaded punishment for committing Class C War Crimes (Crimes Against Humanity),


 2020-08-24  16m

KVR Live 3: Japan Sinks: 2020

In this live, I address the recently released Japan Sinks: 2020 anime series from Science Saru Studios and directed by Masaaki Yuasa.  I give you my reactions and thoughts on this incredible anime.  It's bizarre, funny, sad, and surprising!


 2020-07-16  2h37m

KVR Live 2: Fandom Discourse, Honda, War Crimes

In this live, I answer questions from listeners about some complex issues, such as fandom behavior online, Ishiro Honda's time in a command position at a comfort women camp, who really rebuilt Japan after the war,


 2020-07-01  1h31m

episode 56: Episode 56: Shin Godzilla, GMK, and Japanese Nationalism

Staying on Shin Godzilla-related content, I give my opinion on the popular article “Shin Godzilla vs. GMK: The Battle Over Japanese Nationalism”. It's not 1947 anymore, and Japan has shown the world how good of a country it can be.


 2020-05-07  18m

Livestream 1: Charity Livestream - Covid-19 Pandemic, G-Fest, Olympics

This livestream was conducted for the Center for Disaster Philanthropy Covid-19 Response Fund: - http://disasterphilanthropy.org/cdp-fund/cdp-covid-19-response-fund/ - In this first livestream from Kaijuvision, I discuss the Covid-19 Pandemic,


 2020-04-13  1h38m

episode 55: Episode 55: The Politics of Shin Godzilla

The final word on the politics of Shin Godzilla, from the podcast that covered it best. Is Shin Godzilla a “nationalist” movie? As an international affairs graduate of the best public policy school in the country,


 2020-03-31  44m

YouTube Channel Reintroduction

In this short video, I reintroduce KVR's YouTube channel. I'm here to say welcome to the show again! I say again about what Kaijuvision focuses on. I will sometimes make an appearance for videos in-person. - MP3: -


 2020-02-01  1m