Here Be Monsters

An independent podcast about fear, beauty and the unknown. Since 2012. Hosted by Jeff Emtman and others.

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episode 8: HBM148: Early Attempts at Summoning Dream Beings

Jeff tries to become the world’s first slumbering podcast advice columnist.



episode 7: HBM147: Chasing Tardigrades

Cheap thrills from squeezing damp moss.



episode 21: Theodora is @hypo_inspo

HBM146’s AI-powered speech bot nows offers strange advice several times daily at


 2021-05-05  2m

episode 6: HBM146: Theodora

Can computers learn to speak with emotion and conviction?


 2021-04-28  27m

episode 5: HBM145: The Juice Library

A paranoid fruit punch expert meets an aspiring valkyrie.


 2021-04-14  25m

episode 4: HBM144: Keeping A Place

Capturing the sonic fingerprints of important places before they’re gone forever.


 2021-03-31  29m

episode 3: HBM143: Laughing Rats and Dawn Rituals

Maybe you just need some odd animal sounds.


 2021-03-17  25m

episode 2: HBM142: The Vastness of the Universe

The effort to find intelligent extraterrestrial life is hampered by the slowness of light, the bigness of space, and some humans who don’t follow the rules.


 2021-03-03  27m

episode 1: HBM141: Filthy Riches

Chance encounters in food waste bins.


 2021-02-17  40m

Season 9 = February 17th

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 2021-01-08  6m