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Thoughts, ideas, and commentary on the art of photography by Nashville-based professional fine art photographer Keith Dotson. It's the podcast about fine art photography made by a working fine art photographer. This podcast is written for photographers, photography collectors, photography students, and enthusiasts. Support this podcast:

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episode 48: Field Recording: A Sonic Landscape of Moccasin Bend

In this episode of the fine art photography podcast, something a little different -- field recordings made during a photo outing to Moccasin Bend -- a nationally significant archaeological site consisting of forests and wetlands tucked into a big bend of the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The site has had continuous human habitation for 12,000 years. But, rather than tell you about Moccasin Bend, I'll let you hear Moccasin Bend...


 2021-05-08  5m

episode 46: Making Huge Enlargements: Pixel Shift Multi vs Adobe's New Super Resolution

In this episode of the Fine Art Photography podcast, we go full-on photo nerd, discussing extreme enlargements using Pixel Shift Multi shooting composites versus Adobe's new Super Resolution Enhance process found in the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw. Which is better?

This podcast mentions several brand names, but it is not a sponsored episode, and should not be considered an advertisement.

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 2021-04-24  5m

episode 45: A Photographer Accused Andy Warhol of Copyright Infringement and the Court Agrees

In this episode of the Fine Art Photography Podcast, we'll talk about the copyright battle between photographer Lynn Goldsmith and the Andy Warhol Foundation over a portrait of Prince. Was Warhol's use of the Goldsmith photograph transformative? A Federal Appeals court says no.


AP. "US court sides with photographer in fight over Warhol art." Larry Neumeister. March 26, 2021.


 2021-04-02  4m

episode 44: How Wealthy Collectors Are Buying Art Now

In this episode of the fine art photography podcast: Another new report on the art market -- this one from Art Basel and UBS -- explains how wealthy people buy art now.

The Art Market 2021

Read the full report here (Opens a PDF):

Read the highlights here:

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 2021-03-18  6m

episode 43: What Are Optical Brightening Agents and Why Should We Care?

Whether you're a photographer making prints or a collector of photography, you need to know about optical brightening agents (OBAs). But are they really as bad as they seem?


Aardenburg Imaging

Chromaxion, Paper for Fine Art

Red River Paper Product Grades Explained


 2021-03-14  3m

episode 41: Edward S. Curtis: the Photographer Native Americans Called 'the Shadow Catcher'

In this episode, the life and work of photographer Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952), who was nicknamed the shadow catcher by Native Americans. His masterwork The North American Indianwas monumental, but has also come under criticism for including staged, posed, and manipulated imagery. In this podcast, we learn about Curtis' life and work -- and the project that was his life's obsession.


1. Makepeace, Anne. Edward S...


 2021-03-11  16m

episode 41: What Major Art Galleries Learned About Selling Online During the Pandemic

In this episode, what big art galleries learned from selling art online during the pandemic, and is there anything new that the rest of us can use? Inspired by a new article published on artnet called "After a Year of Being Forced to Sell Art Online, Gallerists Have Learned 5 Surprising Lessons—and It’s Clear There’s No Going Back."

Also, news that influential NYC-based photography gallery Metro Pictures will be closing.

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 2021-03-10  6m

episode 40: The Fanboy Loses the Girl: A Humorous Story About Love and Photography from 1891

As it turns out, camera fanboys go way back in history. In this episode of the fine art photography podcast, I'll read a bit of humor about love and photography from the 1891 issue of Wilson's Photographic Magazine, a New York based photography magazine that was published from 1889 - 1914.

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 2021-02-20  8m

episode 39: Hip Hop Street Photographer Ricky Powell Has Died, Age 59

In this episode, we remember the work of New York City street and music photographer Ricky Powell who died this week at age 59.


Everybody Street: Ricky Powell.

The Guardian. "Ricky Powell, hip-hop photographer who captured New York culture, dies aged, 59"https://www.theguardian...


 2021-02-03  2m

episode 38: Reminder: Be Sure to Enjoy Virtual Photography Events

In this episode, a reminder to enjoy virtual photography events. Sure, the arts have lost a lot during the pandemic, and while nothing can replace in-person visits to photo galleries and museums, virtual events can add much to the arts experience that we didn't have before. Here. I'll talk about my recent experiences, including an inspirational virtual studio visit with photographer Mark Klett.

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 2020-12-18  7m