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Thoughts, ideas, and commentary on the art of photography by Nashville-based professional fine art photographer Keith Dotson. It's the podcast about fine art photography made by a working fine art photographer. This podcast is written for photographers, photography collectors, photography students, and enthusiasts. Support this podcast:

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episode 5: Did You Know it's Illegal to Possess Most Bird Feathers in the U.S?

First, let me apologize to my international listeners -- this is a U.S.-centric episode but similar laws apply in many other countries!

This topic will probably be of most interest to landscape photographers, wildlife photographers, and nature photographers.

I lived in this country for my entire life without ever knowing that it's a violation of federal law to possess bird feathers, even if you found them on the ground. Listen to this short episode for the details...


 2020-03-14  4m

episode 8: Supreme Court Decision: You Can't Sue a State if it Uses Your Copyrighted Photographs and Videos Without Permission

Supreme Court Decision: You Can't Sue a State if it Uses Your Copyrighted Photographs and Videos Without Permission 

In this episode of my podcast, we briefly discuss today's opinion of the US Supreme Court that says citizens cannot sue states for copyright infringement.

Links to articles mentioned in the podcast.

The official Supreme Court opinion:


 2020-03-03  4m

episode 4: Special Episode: Is Photography Art?

My thoughts on the perennial question, "Is photography art?" It may seem silly to even ask the question, but many people have asked that very question over the years, including prominent art critics.

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 2020-02-12  6m

episode 3: What do Quentin Tarantino and French President Macron have in common with a dung beetle?

What Do Quentin Tarantino and President Macron Have in Common with a Dung Beetle? 

  • In this episode:
  • What is fine art photography?
  • The overwhelming power of Instagram
  • Artsy's new research into what motivates art collectors
  • The stunning micro photography of British photographer Levon Biss


Is Instagram Now a Ballet Dancer’s Best Pathway to Fame?


 2019-12-06  14m

episode 2: We Rock On with Rolling Stone Magazine’s first photographer, Baron Wolman

In this episode my new fine art photography podcast, we rock on with Rolling Stone magazine's first photographer, Baron Wolman, who documented the most significant rock and roll musicians of the late 60s...


 2019-11-24  8m

I Researched an Old Photo from and Antique Store and Found a Crazy, Unexpected Personal Connection

In this first episode of my brand new podcast, I tell the strange story of what I discovered when I researched an old photograph I found in an antique store near Nashville...


 2019-11-17  14m