Kid Detectives RPG

Kid Detectives RPG is a horror comedy RPG podcast in which Josh Aichenbaum, Paul Immerman, Rosie Leisure, and Ivano Pulito play kid detectives and Connor Lloyd Crews, as the game master, leads them through spooky adventures filled with supernatural creatures, dangerous situations, and goof-em-ups. New episodes every other Thursday.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 53m. Bisher sind 45 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 1 day 17 hours 54 minutes


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episode 35: Episode 35: The King In Ruby Robes - Part X

The kids have found Beth, but can they escape the compound? Will they outmaneuver the Unending, or does the cult have an unforeseen gambit waiting to ensnare them? And can Tad go a whole episode without making a dumb decision?


 2018-11-08  1h5m

episode 34: Episode 34: The King In Ruby Robes - Part IX

The kids have finally found the mansion. Flo communes with the dead. Max spies some visitors. Tad freaks out about doors. Zeke just tries to keep up. And remember, there is no time travel in this episode.


 2018-10-25  56m

episode 33: Episode 33: The King In Ruby Robes - Part VIII

Hey there / check out this episode. It’s a / good one / it will not leave you cold. In it / the kids / hotwire a bus / and then / THEY! / FIGHT! / LOTS! / OF! / BAD! / GUYS! (DUN! DUN! DUN! DUN! DUN!) It’s fun to listen to / K D RPG! It’s fun to listen t...


 2018-10-11  53m

episode 32: Episode 32: The King In Ruby Robes - Part VII

Still exploring the Unending’s massive compound, the kids find a multitude of graves, a plethora of guards, an abundance of bullets, and a whole bunch of dumb names – everything you could want out of a cult!


 2018-09-27  58m

episode 31: Episode 31: The King In Ruby Robes - Part VI

The kids finally break free of their prison – but what will they find in the vast wilds of the Unending’s compound? What deadly hazards will they face? What horrible secrets will they uncover? And what vibes will they catch?


 2018-09-13  1h1m

episode 30: Episode 30: The King In Ruby Robes - Part V

Things heat up as Tad finds one of their missing friends, the others find a possible lifeline, and someone finds a bunch of bullets in their stomach. It was also like a hundred degrees when this one was recorded, so things heat up in that way too.


 2018-08-30  53m

episode 29: Episode 29: The King In Ruby Robes - Part IV

Caught in a standoff, one of the kids does something shocking – and, later, another finds some answers: who captured them, where they’re being held, and the identity of the King in Ruby Robes.


 2018-08-16  58m

episode 28: Episode 28: The King In Ruby Robes - Part III

As they continue to explore the poorly designed building, the kids turn the tables on their captors. Will it be enough to help them escape unharmed, or will the kids succumb to the darkness and savagery around them?


 2018-08-02  52m

episode 27: Episode 27: The King In Ruby Robes - Part II

The kids have been attacked at their church retreat and imprisoned in a rundown building! They don’t know where they are, who kidnapped them, or why! Some of their friends are missing and Billy – their bully – is hurt! That last one’s actually not that bad.


 2018-07-19  1h6m

episode 26: Episode 26: The King In Ruby Robes - Part I

It’s October 31st and, as an alternative to Halloween, the kids are at a church retreat. Will Flo bag the hot, older counselor? Can Tad and Zeke put aside their friendly rivalry to help win the soccer game for their cabin? Does Max learn how to have a go...


 2018-07-05  58m