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KissFAQ discussion board members get together to discuss various KISS-related topics on a regular basis

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Ep.285 - Schmeklehead McGinty's Manic Depression

Julian, Daniel, Andrew and Mark tackle Ace's recent Eddie Trunk interview on TrunkNation, Record Store Day/Black Friday deals, thoughts on newly announced "Origins Vol. 2" tracks and more!



Ep.284 - Sharks, Vinnie & Bob.

Alex, Julian, Ken and Mark discuss current hot topics on the messageboard including reaction to the Bob saga, Vinnie's Speedball reissue, and swimming with sharks...



Ep.283 - An Uncut Candid Conversation with Bob Kulick

A uncut candid conversation with Bob Kulick. Bob expresses his opinions/perspectives on matters surrounding current issues he has with various parties.



Ep.282 - Take It Off Review & Author Interview

Michael, Ken, Lonnie, and Julian review the new KISS unmasked era book, "Take It Off," followed by an interview with the author, Greg Prato. Two copies of the book are being given away in this episode!



Ep.281 - The Peter Criss Experience

Jeff and Andy recap their wonderful Peter Criss Experience in Miami, bringing to an end the Living In Sin at the Holiday Inn events!



Ep.280 - KISS Kruise IX & Pre-Events Recap

Recorded with authentic NCL quality wifi (for which I profusely apologize for, but there you go -- stick with it, there is good stuff buried in the static), Alex, Michael and Julian are joined by David Rudat who has just returned from a fun-filled Florida and Kruise excursion! Thank you David for joining us!



Ep.279 - Rise Your Heart! HITS Hits 30

Alex, Julian, Ken and Daniel discuss the 15 songs that comprise the monstrous 1989 KISS album, Hot in the Shade. Which ones shouldn't have made the cut?


 2019-11-01  1h11m

Ep.278 - Making KISS The Greatest Show Again

With life affecting other participants, Andrew and Julian discuss the Encore Edition of the Greatest Show on Earth fan film and tackle some topics from the board. Stream The Greatest Show on Earth Encore Edition NOW!


 2019-10-25  57m

Ep.277 - One Last Living In Sin In Miami?

Julian catches up with Andy Moyen to discuss his incredible KISS themed wedding and a final update about the Living In Sin event at the Port of Miami Holiday Inn prior to KISS Kruise IX. And more!


 2019-10-23  53m

Ep.276 - It's Alive Too!

Mark, Ken, Julian and Lonnie discuss "Alive II," and what they'd have done to make it more like the first live album with no new studio tracks. And more!


 2019-10-18  53m