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KissFAQ discussion board members get together to discuss various KISS-related topics on a regular basis

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Ep.409 - Will he? Won't he? Stormy Seas Ahead?

Ken and Julian take on some board topics, show recent KISS vinyl acquisitions, and basically discuss some of what the hive mind has been debating on the KissFAQ message board this week...



Ep.408 - Revenge is Sweet! The 30th Anniversary Kwiz!

A gathering of KISS fans competing to reign supreme and bask in the glory of their knowledge and quick reaction time to questions about the Revenge era! We'll also be having a discussion about the album.



Ep.407 - Kruise Gonna Mutiny, or Kruisers Gone Wild?

Julian and Andy discuss the announcement of KISS Kruise XI Week 1, a second Kruise sailing from Los Angeles the week prior to the previously sold-out Kruise, and some other recent KISS topics...



Ep.406 - Phantoms, Tanks, and Crazy Animals!

Ken, Mark, and Julian rank the songs on the Klassic '78 Phantoms album, talk tanks and South American audiences and more!



Ep.405 - Bicycles, Basses, and Chrome...

Daniel, Ken, Lonnie and Julian take on some topics from the board including thoughts on e-bicycles, basses, chrome guitars and more!



Ep.404 - Studio Album Death Match #1

Daniel, Mark, Ken, Lonnie and Julian kick off the KissFAQ not-March-Madness song battle royal pitting the songs on randomly picked two albums against one another... randomly! It's utterly ludicrous, but all for a laugh.


 2022-04-15  1h5m

Ep.403 - Kisstory at Sea, Donington, & Teases...

Mark, Ken, Lonnie and Julian discuss the topics of the day including newly announced Donington Off The Soundboard, Kisstory at Sea, and guesses at some online teases about possible forthcoming announcements.


 2022-04-08  1h2m

Ep.402 - Gettin' High in Tokyo!

Ken, Lonnie and Julian put Andrew Sgambati on the other side of the table to discuss his Rock & Roll Party in Tokyo with KISS 45th anniversary HD Remaster premiering on Apr. 2 at


 2022-03-31  44m

Ep.401 - KISS ARMY Polarization

Mark, Ken, Daniel and Julian talk about the polarization of KISS fans and more...


 2022-03-24  1h7m

Ep.400 - Sometimes It's Too Real?

Mark, Ken, and Julian talk Off The Soundboard, CreaturesFest live pick, Vinnie Vincent, and more...


 2022-03-17  1h2m