KissFAQ Podcast

KissFAQ discussion board members get together to discuss various KISS-related topics on a regular basis


Ep.1 - The Debut

In this episode KissFAQ board members discuss what KISS album they'd like to be given the deluxe treatment, and the mandatory tangents that result! Thanks for sharing your time with us!


 2015-01-17  1h11m

Ep.229 - End of the Road: Sacramento

Julian and Ken discuss KISS' "End of the Road" tour visit to Sacramento.


 1970-01-01  1h20m

Ep.226 - The Gloves Come Off - It's ON!

Julian is joined by Michael Cavacini to discuss the gauntlet of topics hitting the KISS ecosystem today: David Garibaldi, Vinnie Vincent, and Ace taking the gloves off!


 1970-01-01  1h3m

Ep.299 - Who Wants To Be Lonely...

Mark, Julian, Daniel and David convene the KissFAQ Podcast United Nations to discuss the things that can keep us entertained during these challenging times...


 1970-01-01  1h5m