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KissFAQ discussion board members get together to discuss various KISS-related topics on a regular basis

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Ep.439 - Kruising from the Peanut Gallery...

Daniel, Julian, Mark, and Ken take their positions in the peanut gallery to discuss aspects of Kiss Kruise XI from afar, and Doc's comments regarding Dubai...


 2022-11-04  57m

Ep.438 - Kruise, News, & Halloween Memories, Oh My!

Mark, Ken and Lonnie discuss KISS Kruise XI set lists and KKXII rumors, the Alive II release, and their current favorite KISS Halloween memories...


 2022-10-28  1h19m

Ep.437 - Gathering in San Pedro...

Andy and Julian discuss hang-outs in San Pedro at Godmother's Saloon, the evenings of Oct. 27 & 28th 6PM-ON. Julian will also be at the KruiseFest both days.


 2022-10-23  34m

Ep.436 - A Scandinavian Kiss!

Daniel takes over and gathers a horde of Scandinavians for a discussion focusing on Kiss in Scandinavia (in English!) with Alexander, Nils, and Bernt!


 2022-10-22  2h15m

Ep.435 - Four Years in on The End of the Road!

Julian, Mark, Ken, and Lonnie discuss the fourth anniversary of the End of the Road tour, the last hurrah of the Kiss Kruise live rarities on board the ship, and more...


 2022-10-21  59m

Ep.434 - Monstrosity or Monstrous: Monster @ 10

Mark, Ken, Lonnie, and Julian look at the 10th anniversary of Monster, and decide which songs are monstrosities, and whether any are truly monstrous!


 2022-10-14  1h23m

Ep.433 - Disappointments and Gettin' Angry!

Ken, Lonnie, and Julian take on a fresh batch of board topics including biggest surprise/biggest disappointment, getting angry over Kiss, whether "Is that You" was an embarrassing opening track, and more!


 2022-10-07  1h0m

Ep.432 - Studio Album Death Match #5

Mark, Ken, and Julian Lonnie dive into studio album death match #5: Random songs from Creatures go head-to-head against Sonic Boom... Which songs rule the night and go BEWM into the next round?


 2022-09-30  1h5m

Ep.431 - Misstep or Milestone?

Ken, Lonnie, and Mark consider the best 8 songs from the 1978 solo albums...


 2022-09-20  57m

Ep.430 - Catman Adventures at New Jersey Horror Con!!!

Julian is joined by Andy, who recounts his adventures with the Catman at the at New Jersey Horror Con...


 2022-09-20  57m