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KissFAQ discussion board members get together to discuss various KISS-related topics on a regular basis

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Ep.11 - Music of Peter Criss 1966-2007

The KISSFAQ panel discusses Peter Criss' music, 1966-2007, favorites and not. The panel for this episode includes Lonnie (stlkiss), J (muzik_guy), Alex (bagboy) and Julian.


 2015-03-26  2h0m

Ep.12 - Unmasked!

The KISSFAQ panel discusses KISS' 1980's albums. The panel for this episode includes Lonnie (stlkiss), Alex (bagboy), Andrew (alivecatman) and Julian.


 2015-04-02  1h42m

Ep.13 - Special Guest: Jeff Westlake

Chris (RisingForce) and Julian are joined by Hydrogyn guitarist Jeff Westlake to discuss his "Hotter Than Hell" tribute and other projects.


 2015-04-07  1h42m

Ep.14 - KISSologies!

Lonnie (stlkiss), Ken (69th_B1izard), J (muzik_guy) and Julian talk the highs and lows of KISSology volumes 1-3, hopes and desires for future issues!


 2015-04-17  1h15m

Ep.15 - Post-Reunion Solo Albums

Sean (Hooligans Holiday), Lonnie (stlkiss) and Julian discuss where the post-Reunion solo albums hit and missed.


 2015-04-24  58m

Ep.16 - KISS 1991-95 Look Back

Lonnie (stlkiss), Ken (69th_B1izard), Daniel (Wezze), and Julian time travel back to the 1991-95 period and dig into the band's pre-Reunion efforts.


 2015-05-01  1h57m

Ep.17 - Boxed Thoughts

Ken (69th_B1izard), Joel (ludzil), Alex (Bagboy) and Julian dig into the 2001 KISS Box Set and what worked and what they thought were glaring omissions.


 2015-05-09  1h6m

Ep.18 - Collection Oddities

Andrew (alivecatman), Alex (Bagboy) and Julian dig into their collections for some of their favorite collectibles and WANTED items, and Julian baits the anti-hoarder water with some chum.


 2015-05-14  1h6m

Ep.19 - Slaughtered!

Andrew (alivecatman), Joel (ludzil) and Julian are joined by Mark Slaughter to discuss Vinnie Vincent, Slaughter, and his new solo album, "Reflections in a Rear View Mirror."


 2015-05-21  1h17m

Ep.20 - Kiss in Print

Alain (balish), Lonnie (stlkiss), Ken (69th_B1izard) and Julian discuss the good, the bad and ugly of the official KISS autobiographies, and delve into their favorite other books written about the band. Our want lists for future publications are also mentioned!


 2015-05-22  1h28m