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KissFAQ discussion board members get together to discuss various KISS-related topics on a regular basis

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Ep.42 - Shout It Out Loud book interview with KISS author James Campion

In this special podcast episode, Julian goes solo and is joined by author James Campion to discuss his book, Shout It Out Loud: The Story of KISS's Destroyer and the Making of an American Icon. Learn more about the book, its creation, and some of the stories contained within its pages as we celebrate an amazing album and era of the band.


 2015-10-20  1h10m

Ep.43 - Collecting KISS

Alain (balish), Lonnie (stlkiss), Ken (69th_B1izard) and Julian discuss the many aspects of the addiction known as collecting KISS. We show some of our favorite items, mention items that slipped through our fingers, and detail our personal collecting stories and how we became interested in that area of fandom!


 2015-10-23  1h24m

Ep.44 - First Kisses

Lonnie (stlkiss), Ken (69th_B1izard), Mark (marcus almighty), Andrew (alivecatman) and Julian discuss their various first kisses, be they albums, songs, concerts or even wearing make-up!


 2015-10-30  1h32m

Ep.45 - Classic Era Videos

Lonnie (stlkiss), Andrew (alivecatman), Sean (Hooligans Holiday) and Julian discuss the classic video clips from the originals era, and the final two in make-up. We start out with talking about the recently completed KISS Kruise V.


 2015-11-06  1h8m

Ep.46 - KISS My Magazines

Lonnie (stlkiss), Andrew (alivecatman), Ken (69th_B1izard) and Julian discuss their favorite KISS magazines, those that they believe are over or under-rated, and pretty much everything to do with the somewhat legacy format...


 2015-11-13  1h11m

Ep.47 - KISS VHS tapes revisited

Andrew (alivecatman), Ken (69th_B1izard) and Julian take a trip down memory lane and look at the KISS VHS format video releases, what they liked, what they didn't like, and hit a few tangents along the way...


 2015-11-20  1h22m

Ep.48 - KISS in Japan Book Author Interview

Lonnie (stlkiss) and Julian are joined by KissFAQ Podcast panelist Alain (balish) who has just self-published what appears to be an incredible new KISS-related book: "The Illustrated Guide to KISS in Japan"! We dig into the contents of the book with Alain explaining the genesis of the project, its execution, and many many details that should be of interest to those considering purchasing the book!


 2015-11-22  1h4m

Ep.49 - Top KISStoric Locations

Mark (Marcus Almighty), Lonnie (stlkiss), Ken (69th_B1izard) and Julian pick and discuss their top KISStoric locations. Clubs and venues and other places, what are those places that resonate the most with us as fans, and why!


 2015-12-04  1h14m

Ep.50 - More of our top threes...

Lonnie (stlkiss), Ken (69th_B1izard), Daniel (Wezze) and Julian pick and discuss another bunch of our top-3 KISS related items, be they bootlegs, guitar solos, non-makeup songs, next set list desires and more!


 2015-12-11  1h5m

Ep.51 - Some Favorite TV Appearances

Lonnie (stlkiss), Ken (69th_B1izard), Mark (Marcus Almighty) and Julian pick and discuss some of their favorite KISS-related television appearances. What are some of yours!


 2015-12-17  1h3m