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KissFAQ discussion board members get together to discuss various KISS-related topics on a regular basis

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Ep.63 - Collecting KISS, Part II

Ken (69th_B1izard), Alex (BagBoy), Mark (Marcus Almighty) and Julian discuss several of their favorite, or recently acquired, KISS-related collectibles and the stories behind them.


 2016-03-11  1h4m

Ep.64 - A Farewell to Arms

Mark (Marcus Almighty), Alain (balish), Daniel (wezze) and Julian discuss the 2000-2001 Farewell era, the highs and lows, and how Eric Singer saved KISS.


 2016-03-18  1h17m

Ep.65 - Perceptions

Lonnie, (stlkiss), Mark (Marcus Almighty), Ken (69th_B1izard) and Julian whether any former/present member of KISS get a worse/better treatment by fans? Is anyone particularly unfairly treated or seems to always be given a free pass?


 2016-03-25  1h20m

Ep.66 - Holy Trinity of KISS albums

Lonnie, (stlkiss), Mark (Marcus Almighty), Ken (69th_B1izard) and Julian discuss their holy trinity of KISS albums, the three without which they simply could not survive as KISS fans. We also discuss some of the non-KISS albums that have a similar importance to us.


 2016-04-01  1h24m

Ep.67 - KISS '79/80

Mark (Marcus Almighty), Ken (69th_B1izard), Alex (BagBoy) and Julian discuss the 1979/80 era and whether it was as bad as it's sometimes made out to have been.


 2016-04-08  1h16m

Ep.68 - So KISS Is Hitting The Road...

Ken (69th_B1izard), Mark (Marcus Almighty) and Julian discuss KISS hitting the road in 2016 and possibilities to make the tour more exciting than a KISS show already is! Things we'd like to see the band do, or at least hear about them doing (since they're not coming near our local markets)!


 2016-04-15  1h11m

Ep.69 - You Guess The Topic!

Mark (Marcus Almighty), Lonnie (stlkiss) and Julian did have a topic today, Ice Cube versus Gene Simmons deathmatch, but it morphed into a Prince memorium, commentary on the RARHOF, and pondering the purpose of an Ace Frehley video. We lost direction, but like Ace have no regrets!


 2016-04-22  1h7m

Ep.70 - Psycho Executive

Ken (69th_B1izard), Alex (BagBoy), Lonnie (stlkiss) and Julian discuss what they think a Psycho Circus executive producer should have done with the band for the recording of a reunion studio album.


 2016-04-29  1h17m

Ep.71 - Alternative Covers

Ken (69th_B1izard), Mark (Marcus Almighty) and Julian discuss what three albums in the KISS catalog could have most used alternative cover art or packaging to what was actually used.


 2016-05-06  1h9m

Ep.72 - Gene v. Prince v. Paul v. Shannon

Ken (69th_B1izard), Alex (BagBoy), Lonnie (stlkiss) and Julian discuss Gene's harsh comments concerning the passing of Prince in Newsweek and the storm that followed.


 2016-05-13  1h6m