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KissFAQ discussion board members get together to discuss various KISS-related topics on a regular basis

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Ep.83 - Studio Albums Battle: 1st 3 versus 2nd 3!

Mark (Marcus_almighty), Ken (69th_B1izard), Lonnie (stlkiss) and Julian essentially put the albums of "The Originals" versus "The Originals II." Which group of three studio albums wins when measured for personal tastes of production values, song quality and artwork...


 2016-07-29  1h11m

Ep.84 - An Interrogation

Lonnie (stlkiss), Daniel (wezze), Ken (69th_B1izard) and Julian conduct an interrogation on various topics related to their being fans of KISS. From the videos we thought were bad ass when young, first KISS reads, questioning our KISS sanity, and many more, we become introspective about our perspectives...


 2016-08-05  1h33m

Ep.85 - Celebrating MTV Unplugged @ 21

Lonnie (stlkiss), Ken (69th_B1izard), Mark (Marcus_almighty) and Julian celebrate the 21st anniversary of MTV Unplugged and look at its high points and where it fits into their personal KISS catalogs. We also consider what we think was missing from the album and what we'd like had KISS ever done an Unplugged II...


 2016-08-12  1h12m

Ep.86 - Invasion @30, Vinnie Owns August!

Lonnie (stlkiss), Ken (69th_B1izard), Alex (BagBoy) and Julian celebrate the 30th anniversary of Vinnie Vincent's Invasion album and discuss other things that occurred to Vinnie in the month of August (1988)...


 2016-08-26  1h20m

Ep.87 - KISS Rocks Vegas Review

Lonnie (stlkiss), Ken (69th_B1izard), Mark (Marcus Almighty) and Julian celebrate the highs and lows of the new KISS DVD, KISS Rocks Vegas released on August 26...


 2016-09-02  1h16m

Ep.88 - The New KISS Magazine Dissected

Ken (69th_B1izard) and Julian are joined my new participants Michael and Andy to dissect the new official KISS magazine. Hear some great stories about some of the photos that appear in the issue...


 2016-09-16  1h40m

Ep.89 - Licking It Up

Lonnie (stlkiss), Ken (69th_B1izard), Mark (Marcus Almighty), and Julian celebrate the anniversary of the debut of an unmasked KISS, Lick It Up...


 2016-09-23  1h28m

Ep.90 - Topic Roulette

Lonnie (stlkiss), Ken (69th_B1izard), Mark (Marcus Almighty), and Julian pick a topic out of the hat and run with it. Listen to find out what topic was revealed!


 2016-09-30  1h8m

Ep.91 - Ace...

Michael, Lonnie (stlkiss), Andy, and Julian discuss Ace on the road in 2016 and whether it makes sense for him to return to KISS...


 2016-10-07  1h25m

Ep.92 - 2016 NJ/NY Expo Recap

Andy, Lonnie (stlkiss), Michael, and Julian recap the good, the bad, and the ugly from the 2016 NJ/NY Expo and some personal highlights from Expos past...


 2016-10-14  1h20m