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KissFAQ discussion board members get together to discuss various KISS-related topics on a regular basis

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Ep.93 - 2016 Japan KISS Expo Recap

Julian and Alain discuss Alain's some of the behind the scenes and actual experiences at the 2016 Official KISS Expo in Japan, and perhaps a bit of what KISS fans can hope to experience for themselves elsewhere...


 2016-10-14  48m

Ep.94 - Meeting Members of KISS

Julian, Andy, Lonnie (stlkiss), and Ken (69th_B1izard) discuss which members of KISS they've met, and who exceeded or didn't meet great expectations; and whom they'd like to meet and under what circumstances...


 2016-10-21  1h16m

Ep.95 - A KISS Halloween

Joe (peopleselbow), Mark (marcus_almighty), and Ken (69th_B1izard) discuss their favorite KISS Halloween broadcasts/events and what they might like to see or have seen...


 2016-10-28  1h23m

Ep.96 - KISS Studio Albums MVP

Alex (BagBoy) and Julian discuss who they feel wins the MVP award for each of KISS's studio albums...


 2016-11-04  1h9m

Ep.97 - Rock And Roll Over Hits 40!

Lonnie (stlkiss), Ken (69th_B1izard), Mark (Marcus Almighty), Andrew (alivecatman), and Julian celebrate the 40th anniversary of what many KISS fans consider the ultimate KISS album: Rock And Roll Over...


 2016-11-11  1h14m

Ep.98 - Kruisin' 2016 Recap

Lonnie (stlkiss) and Julian are joined by Andy and Michael who recount their experiences during the 2016 KISS Kruise VI...


 2016-11-18  1h33m

Ep.99 - Collector Interests And Holy Grails

Lonnie (stlkiss), Ken (69th_B1izard), and Julian are discuss some of their recent acquisitions as collectors, some of their favorite items in their collections, and things that they'd like to obtain...


 2016-11-25  1h1m

Ep.100 - The One After 99

Mark (Marcus_Almighty), Ken (69th_B1izard), and Julian celebrate the 100th Episode the KissFAQ Podcast recalling some of their favorite moments. They also dig into the hat for a topic roulette...


 2016-12-02  1h18m

Ep.101 - What's In KISS's Room 101

Room 101 is a place in Orwell's 1984 where the worst thing in the world can be found. Daniel (wezze), Mark (Marcus_Almighty), Ken (69th_B1izard), Andy, and Julian consider some of the things in KISS World that they consider the very worst and should be consigned to KISS's Room 101...


 2016-12-09  1h20m

Ep.102 - What if, in 1978...?

Daniel (wezze), Mark (Marcus_Almighty), Ken (69th_B1izard), and Julian take a trip back to 1978 and imagine if the members of KISS brought the songs that they'd record for their solo albums to a KISS album sessions and pick which they'd liked to have seen the band record.


 2016-12-16  1h5m