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Ep.105 - What if... Gene did a solo tour?

Daniel, Mark, Ken, and Julian consider what Gene could do if he decided to take himself out on tour to perform material from his recording history. What would he wear, who would he use in his band, what about a stage, and which songs?


 January 5, 2017  1h21m

Ep.106 - Destroyer: Genesis

Mark, Ken, and Julian consider what might have resulted if Bob Ezrin didn't produce the album that became Destroyer. Using the Magna Graphic demos as a base for what was available to the band to use for a new album, what would the next KISS album have been like?


 January 13, 2017  1h32m

Ep.107 - KISSters & Pesky Gene Comments

Mark, Ken, and Julian discuss Gene's latest comments on the rational behind NOT being interested in recording a new studio album, and albums in the KISS catalog they consider sister albums...


 January 20, 2017  1h29m

Ep.108 - Looking Back/Looking Forward

So... Three KISS fans walk into a bar... Mark, Ken, Lonnie, and Julian look back at some of the high-points in KISStory during 2016, and the things that stand out in their minds from that year; and look forward, as the year has commenced, to what they'd really really REALLY like to see in 2017...


 January 27, 2017  1h30m

Ep.109 - LA Expo/Peter Criss Recap

Ken and Julian recount their experiences at the 2017 LA Expo featuring Peter Criss. Be sure to not miss some of the multimedia included in this episode!


 February 3, 2017  1h50m

Ep.110 - First, Fav, F-it, and Frehley

Mark, Ken, and Julian discuss some of their first, favorite, and least favorite KISS and related topics or items. Also start with a brief review of Ace's concert in Jackson, CA.


 February 10, 2017  1h38m

Ep.111 - Them Changes, Part IV

Lonnie, Mark, Ken, and Julian discuss the little changes they might consider making to the albums, KISS My A$$ through Monster, to make them more perfect. Sonics, producers, tracks, art, it's all fair baseball for them changes... This episode is a follow up to previous installments in episodes 82, 77, and 75!


 February 17, 2017  1h44m

Ep.112 - Wake Up Screaming

Would you wake up screaming had KISS recorded an album with material culled from Live To Win, A**hole, One For All, and Anomaly? Ken, Daniel, Julian, and Mark take on the challenge of constructing a KISS album from those solo efforts, similar to how we did with the 1978 albums...


 February 24, 2017  1h6m

Ep.113 - Special Guest: Jeff Westlake II

100 episodes on, an update from Hydrogyn's Jeff Westlake and a very cool KISS-related project that he's been working on. We also talk about Hydrogyn's new line-up, forthcoming album, and a whole bunch of other topics!


 March 3, 2017  1h42m

Ep.114 - Tommy, A Rock (Soap) Opera

Julian, Chris, Ken, and Mark look back at fifteen years of Tommy Thayer as KISS' lead guitarist and what he's brought to band during his tenure, the ups and downs. Congratulations to Tommy for being part of the band!


 March 10, 2017  1h45m