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KissFAQ discussion board members get together to discuss various KISS-related topics on a regular basis

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Ep.160 - The Very Best of Vinnie Vincent

Julian and Lonnie consider which Vinnie Vincent related tracks or songs they'd include on their personal Very Best of Vinnie Vincent album...


 2018-01-05  48m

Ep.161 - Final Vault Thoughts/Your Questions

Julian, Ken, Mark, and Lonnie get together to discuss the further adventures at the Los Angeles Gene Simmons Vault Experience and attempt to answer questions from members of the board about the experience and product. Check out some exclusive footage from Julien's Vault Experience. A demon-sized "Thank You" to Gene, Keith Valcourt, and the rest of the Rhino crew for hosting an incredible event that truly was an EXPERIENCE!


 2018-01-12  1h19m

Ep.162 - Atlanta Expo Recap

Julian, Ken, Andy, and Lonnie get together recap the Atlanta KISS Expo featuring Vinnie Vincent and note the highs and lows from various perspectives from an incredible three days... Poor Ken suffers during this one!


 2018-01-26  2h13m

Ep.163 - What if Vinnie Vincent Unplugged?

Julian, Lonnie, and Mark consider the sets that they'd like Vinnie Vincent to perform should the pyro-messiah decide to unplug for an acoustical invasion, and the players/format he might consider using...


 2018-02-02  1h6m

Ep.164 - The Miami Vault Machine

Julian and Nigel dig into the changes made for the Miami Gene Simmons Vault Experience and some of the special guests present at the event. They also start discussing the music on the Vault, a task of surprising difficulty considering the amount of music being experienced in on shot...


 2018-02-08  1h35m

Ep.164 1/2 - The KISS Kruise Gathering III

Julian is joined by Joe and Andy who announce all of the special guests planned for the pre-KISS Kruise Gathering III party in Miami on October 30 at The Hanger. See for tickets and further information!


 2018-02-10  33m

Ep.165 - Who Ruled KISS

Julian, Ken, and Lonnie discuss several topics including the recent KISS Podcast wars, and then try to determine which member of KISS ruled the roost for a particular album/era, from Dynasty through Monster...


 2018-02-15  1h4m

Ep.166 - Best of the "Vault," Pt. 1

Julian and Ken start the process of sifting through the voluminous Gene Simmons "Vault" and picking their 2 favorite tracks (and least favorite) from the first 5 disks...


 2018-02-22  56m

Ep.168 - St. Louis Surprise, Twitter, and other Current Events

Julian, Lonnie, Mark, and Ken delve into Lonnie's surprising weekend in St. Louis, both at the Gene Simmons Vault Experience, and another separate spacey event the following day; and some other current events...


 2018-03-08  1h7m

Ep.169 - Wicked Swedes and top-10 KISS lyrics...

Julian is joined by two members of the Scandinavian KISS Army, Carl and Daniel, to discuss some of the interesting stories Carl has encountered interviewing members of Wicked Lester. The trio also pick their Top-10 of KISS lyrics...


 2018-03-12  1h35m