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Ep.261 - Rock 'N Pod 2019: Gary Corbett

Joining Julian at the Rock 'N Pod 2019 in Nashville is keyboard player Gary Corbett, who toured with KISS between in 1987 and 1990, to reminisce about the 30th anniversary of Paul Stanley's first solo tour and other topics...


 2019-08-11  19m

Ep.262 - Rock 'N Pod 2019: Toby Wright

Joining Julian at the Rock 'N Pod 2019 in Nashville is producer Toby Wright, who worked with KISS on both their "Crazy Nights" and "Carnival of Souls" albums. We discuss the latter...


 2019-08-12  14m

Ep.263 - Rock 'N Pod 2019: Wildside

Joining Julian at the Rock 'N Pod 2019 in Nashville is singer Drew Hannah (drummer Jimmy Darby was off camera) to discuss the Paul Stanley co-write of "Clock Strikes" on Wildside's criminally underrated 1992 album, "Under the Influence."


 2019-08-13  12m

Ep.264 - Rock 'N Pod 2019: From Fan To Thee Band

Joining Julian at the Rock 'N Pod 2019 in Nashville are members the Thee Rock and Roll Residency, Ryan Spencer Cook, Jeremy Asbrock, and Phil Shouse, for a panel discussing going from being fans of the music of KISS to performing in the Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley bands...


 2019-08-13  39m

Ep.266 - Vindication?

And now back to our regularly scheduled show! Julian, Mark, Lonnie, and Ken discuss the plethora of merch announced this week, their thoughts on the Vinnie Vincent bash now that there are several firsthand accounts to digest, and whether they believe in Magic?


 2019-08-14  1h0m

Ep.265 - Vinnie Vincent's Birthday Bash

Julian is joined by Wade Lucas for a first hand account of Vinnie Vincent's Birthday Bash at SIR Studios in Nashville on August 10...


 2019-08-14  54m

PodKISStory Refocused Ep. 1 - Peter Criss' Pre-KISStory

A partnership between KissFAQ and PodKISSt, "PodKISStory Refocused" is an audio documentary telling band's history. This episode is read by the mighty "Podfather," Ken Mills. Let us know what you think.


 2019-08-21  1h20m

Ep.267 - It's All About... GENE @ 70

Lonnie, Julian, Mark, and Ken celebrate Gene Simmons, and many of their favourites about him...


 2019-08-30  1h11m

Ep.268 - 10th Anniversary of "Anomaly"

Julian, Michael Cavacini, and Alex dissect Ace Frehley's "comeback" studio album, "Anomaly," which is celebrating its tenth anniversary. What is this KissFAQ panel's favourite song on the album and what are their highs and lows?


 2019-09-06  1h7m

Ep.269 - Can We Say Something NICE?

Julian, Ken, Mark, and Lonnie trawl some message board topics and look for something nice to say...


 2019-09-13  1h8m