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KissFAQ discussion board members get together to discuss various KISS-related topics on a regular basis

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Ep.270 - The Eyes of Love

Julian is joined by Lipstick Generation's Greg Troyan to discuss the band's new cover of Eric Carr's "Eyes of Love." The pair also discuss rockin' n' podding in Nashville, Lipstick Generation's image change, the Lipstick Panel and torturing bassist Steve with assorted albums from various band's catalogs, including 'Speedball Jam.' Check out the video at and the band at


 2019-09-20  1h1m

Ep.271 - Asylum's A Deadly Weapon?

Mark, Daniel, and Julian convene the Society For The Preservation of Respect For KISS' Asylum to calculate and discuss the KissFAQ panel's ranking of this seminal slab of September sonic succulence.


 2019-09-20  1h31m

Ep.272 - Lick It Up, Please?

Ken, Mark, Alex, and Julian celebrate the release anniversary of the first unmasked album, "Lick It Up," and calculate and discuss the KissFAQ panel's ranking of this mouth-watering album.


 2019-09-27  1h12m

Ep.273 - Sonic Bewm!

Julian, Lonnie, Alex, and Ken celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first post-2003 line-up album, "Sonic Boom," and calculate and discuss the KissFAQ panel's ranking of this aurally explosive album. How well has it held up after it's first decade, and have their opinions changed about it?


 2019-10-04  1h20m

Ep.274 - Kruise IX Prep: Kruise Fest

Julian catches up with Kruise Fest organizer Joe D'Angelo for the latest news on his event being held at the Airport Hilton Blue Lagoon in Miami, FL Oct. 28-29, featuring Ace Frehley, Sebastian Bach, John Corabi, Richie Scarlet, and many more personalities and much much more. We also touch on a couple of Kruise-related topics... Additional info at


 2019-10-10  42m

Ep.275 - Sharks, Soul, Stages & Songs...

Ken, Mark, Julian and Lonnie go to the board topics and discuss some of the latest changes to the KISS Kruise, Soul Station, unappreciated songs, and sharks. Must talk about the sharks.


 2019-10-11  1h4m

Ep.276 - It's Alive Too!

Mark, Ken, Julian and Lonnie discuss "Alive II," and what they'd have done to make it more like the first live album with no new studio tracks. And more!


 2019-10-18  53m

Ep.277 - One Last Living In Sin In Miami?

Julian catches up with Andy Moyen to discuss his incredible KISS themed wedding and a final update about the Living In Sin event at the Port of Miami Holiday Inn prior to KISS Kruise IX. And more!


 2019-10-23  53m

Ep.278 - Making KISS The Greatest Show Again

With life affecting other participants, Andrew and Julian discuss the Encore Edition of the Greatest Show on Earth fan film and tackle some topics from the board. Stream The Greatest Show on Earth Encore Edition NOW!


 2019-10-25  57m

Ep.279 - Rise Your Heart! HITS Hits 30

Alex, Julian, Ken and Daniel discuss the 15 songs that comprise the monstrous 1989 KISS album, Hot in the Shade. Which ones shouldn't have made the cut?


 2019-11-01  1h11m