Knights of the Night Actual Play Podcast

Current Campaign: Back to the Dresden Files RPG setting for the second installment of the Cleveland Campaign. This one titled "Rituals"

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410 - NBA - Doctors with Guns

Action time - lots of guns, deaths and suprises


 2019-09-05  1h10m

409 - NBA - Our Han Solo Storage Compartment

It may give you a clue on what happens in this episode - other possible titles were.. We All Have Dirt on Each Other You Can't Shoot My Mom! Provide Data Expertise While Handcuffed to a Chair Secret Agent Book Keeper


 2019-08-29  1h11m

408 - NBA - Its Called Tactical Egress

We are back! and spend a bit of time outlining what we are going to do - and then..Sarai gets busy


 2019-08-21  40m

KotN Summer Hiatus 2019

An explanation on what's going on with KotN - and spoiler - we are NOT pod fading.


 2019-07-09  1h15m

406 - NBA - I Have "Nice Try" Stickers

Come join our fan page on facebook and help pick the next title. Other possible titles for this episode were. I'm About to Learn What Kind of Bullets He Uses Sitar-Bucks Bitcoin Might Work Pave the Earth Foundation Viper I need your Help! Are All...


 2019-06-05  1h15m

405 - NBA - Last Time I Saw You You Exploded All Over Me

A short episode - sorry - but questions asked and some answered


 2019-05-24  40m

404 - NBA - Halliburton Contractors

Jungle and a social gathering - which is more dangerous?    


 2019-05-17  54m

403 - NBA - Unmute me A$$hole

The party is split - 3 ways. And strange unexpected things / people keep showing up..


 2019-05-03  53m

402 - NBA - Stop while You're Behind

Cryptid hunting and party going. So many things we didn't expect..


 2019-04-23  46m

401 - NBA - Owls and Extraterrestrials

The party splits up and heads off to different locations. Leaving Madison alone on the boat. Nothing could possible go wrong... right?


 2019-04-14  1h6m