Knights of the Night Actual Play Podcast

Current Campaign: Back to the Dresden Files RPG setting for the second installment of the Cleveland Campaign. This one titled "Rituals"

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KOTN Actual Play Podcast 41: Shit Luck Ep: 42 "Once More Into the Bees, My Friends"

Task Force S.I.R.E.N. has never been more prepared to face their shifting, unseen enemy. They just need one final piece of the puzzle: the pinion wings. But that will require a trip back into the nightmare realm of Benjamin's apiary. And it will prove...


 2011-05-17  49m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 40: Shit Luck Ep: 41 "Paperwork"

Before Vespers and the return to Benjamin's apiary from hell, team S.I.R.E.N starts to roll into action. Supplies are delivered, locations cased and a digital assault has begun on the Vitamin Bee Corp. The first steps toward the final confrontation...


 2011-05-10  1h0m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 39: Shit Luck Ep: 40 "Answers"

The Task Force gets one last piece of the puzzle from a trusted friend and Special Agent Chu Park and Michael Clay use their investigative skills to put it all together.Now it's time to take the fight to Vitamin Bee!...


 2011-05-03  41m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 38: Shit Luck Ep: 39 "Aranged or Deranged?"

Its been a long night after a busy day and it's still not time to sleep. The Task Force reviews their plans for the next day: But before they can finalize anything, they need to understand what's happened to one of their own.Is Michael Clay the weapon...


 2011-04-26  36m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 37: Shit Luck Ep: 38 "Help from Beyond"

Taks Force S.I.R.E.N. gathers together before the final assault, but can they still trust each other? One welcomed in an outside spirit, others have tried to juggle their loyalties to their cospiracy or teammates. Will the final assault begin before...


 2011-04-18  48m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 36: Shit Luck Ep: 37 "Inner Voices"

In the bowels of the Cleveland Public Library..First a haunting tune..Then a haunting voice…Has Michael Clay lost his mind? Or has something from the deepest Shadow awoken?If he can't tell the difference, how will his fellow hunters?After the...


 2011-04-12  52m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 35: Shit Luck Ep: 36 "Congregation"

Amid the fear, uncertainty and outright horror, Task Force S.I.R.E.N. plot their stakeout of Vitamin Bee in the "safety" of St. Patrick's.   Meanwhile Dr Lucius continues to feel the consequences of his betrayal of the Cheiron...


 2011-04-05  28m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 34: Shit Luck Ep. 35: "Get Him to the Greek!"

Another night, another safehouse. The Task Force decides to contact Michael Clay's mentor Nico in the hope he can offer insight into the mysterious bee relic and to draw up a plan to take the fight to the enemy......


 2011-03-29  29m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 33: Shit Luck Ep: 34 "Payment Due"

They are called Conspiracies and secret societies for a reason. Dr. Lucius disobeyed his handlers at the Cheiron Group. He placed Tony's life above the greater good of the Conspiracy and the powers-that-be are not pleased.   Dr. Lucius has been...


 2011-03-22  41m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 32: Shit Luck Ep: 33 "The Infection of Dissension"

Tired and exhausted from endless danger, the hunters are beginning to fracture as too many plots, plans and schemes collide. One of them may have brought a plague upon the latest safehouse, but is the infection real or something more insidious?...


 2011-03-15  n/a