Knights of the Night Actual Play Podcast

Current Campaign: Back to the Dresden Files RPG setting for the second installment of the Cleveland Campaign. This one titled "Rituals"

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KOTN Actual Play Podcast 16: Shit Luck: Ep. 17: "Why am I on Dead Body Detail?"

This episode begins with a death...and gets progressively worse. Listen in as Task Force S.I.R.E.N. struggles to get organized after an ambush that leaves them with a dead body to get rid of (again), a compromised safehouse, and a potentially nasty...


 2010-12-13  34m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 15: Shit Luck: Ep. 16: "Triage"

In the aftermath of the pitched battle, Task Force S.I.R.E.N. members scramble to save the wounded. One of them won't make it. Listen in to find out who goes quietly into that goodnight......


 2010-12-07  49m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 14: Shit Luck: Ep. 15: "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor"

We pick up from last episode's cliffhanger the moment after one of our own catches a handful of bullets the hard way. Exhausted, wounded, poisoned, and outgunned, can Task Force: S.I.R.E.N. get out of this ambush? The answer has dire consequences...


 2010-11-29  46m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 13: Shit Luck: Ep. 14: "Who Brings a Werewolf to a Gun Fight?"

Team S.I.R.E.N. has had to deal with confusing riddles, mind-controlling bees, and a mad, manipulative earth mage. And now, as they stumble out of their carbon monoxide filled rooms, they face a much more mundane threat as shots ring out all around...


 2010-11-22  48m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 12: Shit Luck: Ep. 13: "Carbon Copy"

Gasping for clean air, dazed and more than a little confused, our heroes slowly realize their safehouse has been compromised. Now they must fight for their very lives......


 2010-11-12  32m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 11: Shit Luck: Ep. 12: "Big Momma Hobson"

The investigation leads to the doorstep of William Hobson who may hold the key to unlocking the mystery. Later, the heroes slumber is distrubed by a "bump in the night" - which turns out to be......


 2010-11-08  50m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 10: Shit Luck: Ep. 11: "Mad Hacker"

The Mad Hacker:Team S.I.R.E.N targets the suspicious company of Vitamin Bee and discovers an unexpected history of accidents, death, and madness. The Team gathers intel by hacking into the electronic health records of several key suspects. What...


 2010-11-01  1h12m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 09: Shit Luck: Ep. 10: "Is that Your Phone or Mine?"

Task Force S.I.R.E.N.'s discussion of what they learned after their bizarre encounter with Benjamin the Beekeeper is interrupted by two unexpected phone calls......


 2010-10-24  37m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 08: Shit Luck: Ep. 9: "Wrap Up and Discussion"

Team S.I.R.E.N. pays a visit to the strange beekeeper, Mr. Benjamin and quickly discover it is unwise to cross a supernatural being on their own home turf.  Michael and Chu are drawn into a dream world and must make a choice that will have...


 2010-10-16  33m

KOTN Actual Play Podcast 07: Shit Luck: Ep. 8: "The Curiously Strange Mr. Benjamin"

Team S.I.R.E.N. has arrived at the old house of the "beekeeper" that keeps coming up in their investigations. Almost immediately, the team realizes that there are greater forces at work than they had previously thought.  Will they discover...


 2010-10-08  1h12m