Knights of the Night Actual Play Podcast

Current Campaign: Back to the Dresden Files RPG setting for the second installment of the Cleveland Campaign. This one titled "Rituals"

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347 - DFRPG - Quit Bullying the Villians

Oh, it's getting real now. But don't worry, I'm sure it will all end well...


 2018-01-19  51m

349 - DFRPG - Demonic Photobomb

Tomin find some interesting and scary information. And a crazy idea or two is put into action


 2018-02-02  56m

351 - DFRPG - Transdimensional Pub Crawl

The 4 players split into 3 teams of two people each. Huh? How is THAT possible? Well.. One NPC helps out and one player plays two characters - madness!


 2018-02-16  1h10m

352 - DFRPG - Can You NOT Tell him the Plan?

Two players, three characters and a GM. Only two? This will be so boring - oh wait, it's Roberto? Maxwell? oh crap...


 2018-02-24  1h5m

355 - DFRPG - Four levels of NO!

Blood sucking, Births, Theft and Soul Gazing


 2018-03-22  55m

356 - DFRPG - Get thee to a Nunnery

All hands on deck at the Warden’s house.


 2018-03-31  46m

357 - DFRPG - Cancer Panther

Reppa and the Warden brought some of the Never Never back to Cleveland - that's a good thing.. right?


 2018-04-06  53m

359 - DFRPG - See outside the consensus Reality

What is happening? Roberto is....


 2018-04-20  41m

360 - DFRPG - Ow! My Pride

The Warden does some info gathering and meets wunderkin Detective Ferris. And Maxwell goes on a hunt for Zelda..


 2018-04-27  1h7m

361 - DFRPG - Had Me at Werewolf

Roberto is back and has news about the 4th nail. And Reppa and Allan get all alchemicy.


 2018-05-04  47m