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Know Direction 285 – Introducing Esther and Navaar

New hosts Esther Wallace and Navaar Jackson introduce themselves and let you know what to expect from the Know Direction Podcast going forward. Listen Now! (mp3)  



Game Design Unboxed 59: Paint the Roses

In episode 59 of Game Design Unboxed: Inspiration to Publication we talk with Ben Goldman the designer of Paint the Roses published by Northstar Games. He talks about designing co-op games and how adding the Alice and Wonderland theme to a previous quilting theme added to the design of the game. From the stacking of […]



Upshift 013 – Just Wait Recap

Less than 30 days after Renegade Con Virtual 2023, Renegade Game Studios hosted Renegade Con Virtual: Just Wait Special Edition. What new news could President and Publisher Scott Gaeta, and VP Sales and Marketing Sara Erickson have to announce so soon after Renegade Con Virtual 2023? Lots! Finster’s Monster-Matic Cookbook Power Rangers Standee Pack 1 […]



Legend Lng 050 st Wait RecPresenting 0 Going From 5e To 2e John Godek

Guest host Ron Lundeen turns the tables and interviews John for the 100th episode of Presenting: Gamers Making Games. Listen Now!(mp3)



Legend Lng 050 st Wait RecPresenting 0 Going From 5e To 2e John Godekntroducing Esther an John Godek

On this episode of Legend Lore, Loren and new cohost Jessica Redekop give Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition players a run down on the basics of Pathfinder 2e, including an extensive look at all of 2e’s base classes. If you have questions or requests for future episodes, reach out to us on the Know Direction […]



Digital Divination 078 – Starfinder Enhanced!

John and Jason talk about Starfinder Enhanced! A book just announced, and one they both wrote for. Listen Now!



Game Design Unboxed 58: Hues and Cues

In episode 58 of Game Design Unboxed: Inspiration to Publication we talk with Scott Brady the designer of Hues and Cues published by the Op Games. Scott was able to use his connections as a reviewer to get in touch with publishers once his color swatch themed party game was ready to pitch. The game […]



Presenting – Roll for Combat

John chatted with Roll for Combat’s Mark Seifter and Stephen Glicker about their ongoing projects and the recent issues concerning the OGL. Listen Now!(mp3)



Digital Divination 077 – Cool Starfinder Planets

John and Jason talk about developing cool new planets for Starfinder. Listen Now!


 2023-02-23  41m

Game Design Unboxed 57: Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying

In episode 57 of Game Design Unboxed: Inspiration to Publication we talk with Chris O’Neill about both his game Mazes and the RPG system he designed for the game called Polymorph. Chris spent years creating a new system based around each player playing as a specific single die. Each character will come with a die […]


 2023-02-21  55m