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episode 68: Kscope Podcast 125 - Bruce, Gavin and RSD

In this episode we speak to BRUCE SOORD and GAVIN HARRISON of THE PINEAPPLE THIEF about Wurlitzer OrganS, upsetting singers, lockdown sessions and, naturally the new LP ‘VERSIONS OF THE TRUTH’ (three tracks herein) as well as one from the re-issue series...



episode 67: Podcast 124 - Latest releases

KSCOPE 124 FUTURE RELEASES! Marking your card, tipping you the wink and flagging a few things up to see who salutes them… Here’s some things coming out soon from MANSUN, THE ANCHORESS, GAZPACHO, JON GOMM and OZRIC TENATACLES and some explanatory speech f...


 2020-08-05  26m

episode 66: Podcast 123 - Heliostāsio - Stand of the Sun

NEW OZRIC TENTACLES SINGLE! AND NEW THE PINEAPPLE THIEF SINGLE! Ahead of forthcoming LPs on Kscope, we hear brand spanking new tracks from the pens of Ed Wynne and Bruce Soord. Plus, a brief chat with Gavin Harrison (from King Crimson/Porcupine Tree) on ...


 2020-07-02  43m

episode 65: Reawake

ROCK BALM. Apposite tune from the Nordic Giants, signpost to lockdown sessions and recent releases from Tesseract, Godsticks and The Pineapple Thief and new-to-Kscope tunes from Ozric Tentacles and Jon Gomm to soothe. There’s quite a bit of The Pineapple...


 2020-06-03  38m

episode 64: Podcast 121 - Spring 2020 Edition

SPECIAL SPRING EDITION, FEATURING SPECIAL EDITIONS and Tim's twitter listening party.. In this podcast we hear a couple of ultra-rare live tracks from Crippled Black Phoenix and the Ozrics’s Ed Wynne, a celebration of our acts which have been selected fo...


 2020-05-05  45m

episode 63: Podcast 120 - Debut Solo Releases

Hello, welcome to the Kscope Podcast 120, where we embrace the weirdness. Beautiful, emotive, gentle mythical-folk this time out, as two award-winning musicians release solo LPs on our label:  Jonathan Hultén with ‘Chants From Another Place’ - myth, lege...


 2020-03-30  32m

episode 62: Podcast 119 - Porcupine Tree

In this month’s podcast, ‘In Absentia’ by Porcupine Tree gets the deluxe edition treatment, giving Billy Reeves the perfect excuse to probe Richard Barbieri, Gavin Harrison and Colin Edwin on the odds of a reunion and who is the only member of YES. Plus...


 2020-02-28  41m

episode 61: Podcast 118 - Godsticks Interview

Hello! Welcome back to the Kscope Podcast. All four of Godsticks share tea, Weetabix and tattoo fantasies, plus music from Jonathan Hultén, Tangerine Dream (subject of a major exhibition at the Barbican in London), Daniel Cavanagh of Anathema, Klone and ...


 2020-01-30  43m

episode 60: Podcast 117 - A Golden Hour of 2019 Chats

What a great year it’s been for Kscope and its artists, thank you BIG TIME for your support! The acts have played in every corner of the globe, records have made the charts, awards have been placed upon mantlepieces. Here’s a few highlights of the chats ...


 2019-12-20  1h6m

episode 59: Podcast 116 – The Pineapple Thief Hold Our Fire Interview with Bruce Soord

It’s Bruce Soord chatting once more on the Kscope Podcast, ep. 116 about The Pineapple Thief’s first  North American tour. The band have released Hold Our Fire to coincide with their joint on the other side of the Atlantic, a live LP recorded on the Diss...


 2019-11-29  47m