The Kamenetzky Brothers Podcast

Andy and Brian Kamenetzky on the Los Angeles Lakers, the NBA, pop culture, and anything else coming to mind. The Kamenetzky Brothers Podcast delivers great information and analysis, with a sense of humor and pop culture sensibility. The Kamenetzky Brothers currently host the pre- and postgame broadcasts for ESPNLA 710's Lakers broadcasts and cover the Lakers and the NBA for The Athletic, after covering Los Angeles sports and the Lakers for nearly a decade for the L.A. Times and ESPN in print, online, radio, and television.

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Are the Lakers the Next Superteam? With Bill Oram

So the market seems to be percolating! Paul George! LeBron James! And now... Kawhi Leonard? How available is he? How much would/sho - So the market seems to be percolating! Paul George! LeBron James! And now... Kawhi Leonard? How available is he?


 2018-06-20  48m

Cancel the League, Golden State Is Too Good!

It's the first week without NBA basketball until the fall, and it came quickly given Golden State's thrashing of Cleveland in the Finals. We break down that brief series, then break into the key questions coming after. Things like: -


 2018-06-12  50m

Watch The NBA Finals, Comment Via Your Burner Twitter Account

So... The Finals! It's the matchup everyone expected. Any reason to believe it won't end the way everyone expects? Do the Cavs have any real chance to pull the upset? And by that, we mean, "Does LeBron James have any real chance to pull the upset?


 2018-06-01  52m

Ranking “Untouchableness” plus Julius Randle and Solo!

An unusual amount of Lakers related stuff to discuss, considering the time of year. L.A. isn't in the playoffs, and the Draft is still a few weeks away. Yet... - Julius Randle's free agency was in the news this week,


 2018-05-24  1h6m

Playoffs, Baby! Gearing Up For a Crazy Summer

The Conference Finals are here, and in some ways are more interesting thanks to what happens after them, rather than during. What if Houston, now tied 1-1, goes down quickly from here on? What if the Celtics beat the Cavs (as we both think will happen)?


 2018-05-19  52m

Jon Weisman on “Brothers in Arms”

Switching gears this week, we talk Dodgers history with former ESPN colleague Jon Weisman, author of the new book, "Brothers in Arms: Koufax, Kershaw, and the Dodgers' Extraordinary Pitching Tradition." If you're a fan of the Blue,


 2018-05-12  41m

The 2017-18 Lakers Season Reviewed, and Previewing the Playoffs

Another year down, and another in the recent run of playoff-free seasons for the purple and gold. That said, was this a successful season for the Lakers? On the one hand, there was a nine-game improvement from last year to this one,


 2018-04-15  1h10m

Brandon Ingram Shelved, Kobe’s (Awkward) Oscar, and The Dude Turns 20

The Lakers have been among the best teams in the NBA since early January, but -- and stop us if this sounds familiar -- the injury bug threatens to derail the momentum. Josh Hart is already sidelined (likely) for the year after hand surgery,


 2018-03-08  1h10m

Are the Lakers Legit? Lonzo’s Return, and Soup Tossing

So the Lakers have won four straight out of the break, and are 16-7 since early January, when they ended the nine-game losing streak. That's good for the third best record in the NBA. So are the Lakers legit now, and what does that mean for the rebuild?


 2018-03-03  50m

Oscars Preview Podcast With Special Guest, Steve Mason!

The Oscars are Sunday, the Super Bowl for people who love movies. So with that in mind, we invited our friend Steve Mason into the studio for a Big Oscars Preview. We kicked around all the major topics. Who we think ought to win Best Picture and why,


 2018-02-28  1h6m