Last Podcast On The Left

The Last Podcast On The Left covers all the horrors our world has to offer both imagined and real, from demons and slashers to cults and serial killers, The Last Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy your blood lust.

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episode 96: Episode 96: Call 911!

Our October series continues with an episode almost completely dedicated to horrifying 911 calls. Almost because there's also a pedophile testimony thrown in there.


 2015-02-16  1h5m

episode 95: Episode 95: Listenerpasta

This one's for you! We took calls and emails from our listeners telling us their creepiest and scariest real life stories involving ghosts, demons, serial killers, and, in the best email we've ever gotten, a secret government military base!


 2015-02-16  1h11m

episode 94: Episode 94: Creepypasta 5: Babybum

Halloween month kicks off with a collection of more of our favorite Creepypasta!


 2015-02-16  50m

episode 93: Episode 93: Gnomes!

The wonderful moon experiences of gnomes are explored in all of their cuddly and evil Siberian glory!


 2015-02-16  53m

episode 92: Episode 92: Black Serial Killers Part II: The Zebra Murders

Our series on black serial killers concludes with one of the most terrifying, bizarre, and under reported killing sprees in American history: the Zebra Murders.


 2015-02-16  49m

episode 91: Episode 91: Black Serial Killers Part 1: Call Me God

The vastly underreported phenomenon of African-American serial killers is discussed at length in this two part series. Today's murderers: the Cleveland Strangler, the Grim Sleeper (including the other four serial killers operating in South Los Angeles...


 2015-02-16  52m

episode 90: Episode 90: The Pleiadians and the Battle for Humanity

I's an alien extravaganza as we explore the different sides of the conflict raging on earth between the malevolent forces of the Grays/Reptilians and the light beings known as the Pleiadians!


 2015-02-16  47m

episode 89: Episode 89: Open Lines

This is it! We're finally releasing our long awaited pilot on to the podcasting masses. Join us as we take calls from a man running a haunted hotel, an ER nurse who swears he can feel spirits leaving bodies, and woman who has had actual sexual...


 2015-02-16  1h8m

episode 88: Episode 88: The Vile Vortices

We explore the Vile Vortices of planet earth focusing mainly on everyone's favorite disappearance zone: The Bermuda Triangle. Tune in to hear theories ranging from Pleadian space networks to Atlantean super weapons plus a thorough examination of...


 2015-02-16  55m

episode 87: Episode 87: Spree Killers Pt. 2: I've Been Getting These Headaches...

We continue our coverage of America's worst spree killers with the top men on campus: Charles Whitman, the deadly sniper who killed 16 and wounded 32 from the top of a clock tower at the University of Texas, and Seung-Hui Cho, the deeply troubled...


 2015-02-16  59m