Late Night Linux

Late Night Linux is a podcast that takes a look at what’s happening with Linux and the wider tech industry. Every week, Joe, Félim, Graham and Will discuss the latest news and releases, and the broader issues and trends in the world of free and open source software.

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Late Night Linux – Episode 214

The Mars Helicopter continues to amaze, aviation nerds get burned, Google lays off loads of open source people, running a Mastodon instance isn’t for everyone, KDE Korner, and more.   News Mars helicopter Ingenuity aces 40th Red Planet flight JETNET Ac...



Late Night Linux – Episode 213

Recovering data from a broken SSD, configuring the lights on a new keyboard, trying stock Android on a Pixel 7, easily blocking ads with DNS, playing with 3D models of ancient museum pieces, and more.   Discoveries testdisk Félim’s new keyboard g810-le...



Late Night Linux – Episode 212

The rise of RISC-V continues apace, we bust a recent ZFS myth, hybrid tiling in Plasma, Stadia departs with a nice gift for people, Joe draws an old skool mucky jpeg and ruins KDE Korner, and more.   News Google’s Stadia Controller is getting Bluetooth...



Late Night Linux – Episode 211

The ultimate ESP system, VoIP & RTC capture and troubleshooting, overpriced keyboards, making arcade cabinets even more fun, some notable distro releases, avoiding CAPTCHAs, and more.   Discoveries ESPhome Homer/Sipcapture solaar logitech G PRO BGFX Th...



Late Night Linux – Episode 210

Real hope for a local-only voice assistant, Matrix learns an age-old lesson about funding FOSS, 2022 was the year of Linux on the desktop, Mozilla is about to catch up to the Mastodon trend, there definitely won’t be a Raspberry Pi 5 this year (honest)...


 2023-01-03  33m

Late Night Linux – Episode 209

It’s that time of year where we look back at our 2022 predictions, and make some new ones for 2023.         Linode Simplify your cloud infrastructure with Linode’s Linux virtual machines and develop, deploy,


 2022-12-26  31m

Linux After Dark – Episode 33

It’s almost impossible to buy a Raspberry Pi for a reasonable price at the moment so we talk about alternatives, why a lot of Pi users would be better off with a cheap low-power x86 machine, and why sometimes the Pi makes the most sense.


 2022-12-23  16m

Late Night Linux – Episode 208

It’s our 2022 in review episode which features Linux in space, gaming wins and fails, Raspberry Pi drama, the year of user-facing AI, Canonical and Microsoft, the rise of Mastodon, and more.           Linode Simplify your cloud infrastructure with Lino...


 2022-12-20  31m

Late Night Linux – Episode 207

Loads of discoveries including picking the best DNS server for your connection, Telnet on the Amiga, some synth thing, markdown notes, and fixing downloaded Twitter data. Plus your feedback about Red Hat and IBM, containers and firewalls,


 2022-12-12  30m

Late Night Linux – Episode 206

Particle physics depends on software that’s maintained by one retiree, another argument about AI, YouTube disrespects Creative Commons, we find an excuse to laugh at Musk, KDE Korner, and more.   News Crucial Computer Program for Particle Physics at Ri...


 2022-12-06  32m