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The LJS Podcast is the podcast where you get weekly jazz tips, interviews, stories and advice for becoming a better jazz musician! Hosting the show is the jazz musician behind learnjazzstandards.com, author, and entrepreneur Brent Vaartstra, who’s one goal is to answer any question about playing jazz music you may have. Jazz can be a challenging music to learn and play, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. Each episode features a specific musical challenge that jazz students may come across, where it is discussed and answered. Special jazz guests frequent the show, sharing their expertise on an array of different musical subject matter. Listeners are invited to call in with their jazz questions to the podcast hotline, where it could get answered on a future LJS Podcast episode. Join thousands of other listeners getting free jazz education every week!


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episode 386: Quick Win: Turn ANY Song Into JAZZ (Reharmonization 101)

Today, I wanna show you how you take a simple song, like, "You Are My Sunshine", and turn it into jazz. We'll take up 4 levels of reharmonization.

In this episode:
1. The basic chord changes of You Are My Sunshine
2. How I play the tune with the basic chord changes
3. Level #1 - How to turn the tune into jazz
4. Level #2 - Spicing it up a little bit
5. Level #3 - How to get rid of redundancy and add twists



episode 385: My Experience Going to Music School (How it Helped and How It Didn't)

So, because I know the audience that generally listens to this podcast, I know that a majority of you, or at least a good percentage of you have never been to a music school before, and so, you may be wondering, what was it that I missed in music school that would help me become a better jazz musician.

So, in today's episode, what I wanna do is just talk about my experience in music school and things that it really helped me with and how I was able to improve...



episode 384: Quick Win: How to Learn Jazz Melodies by Ear

So, what's the best way to learn and memorize the melodies to jazz standards?

Well, today, I'm gonna just walk you through me learning the melody to a jazz standard that I actually don't know and show you my exact process.

In this episode:
What I prepare ahead of time
2. This is how I start
3. Why my guitar and the recording are not on the same pitch
4. The pick-up to the next section
5. How chord charts become helpful



40 Jazz Standards to Know (Broken Down by Category)

Today, on the podcast, I'm talking about 40 jazz standards that you should know and I'm gonna break them down by categories so that you can see which categories you need to fill in some more jazz standards on.

In this episode:
1. Start-Up Standards
2. Advanced Essentials
3. Ballads
4. Bossa Novas 
5. Bebop
6. Blues



episode 382: Quick Win: 10 Biggest Lies About Playing Jazz

Have you been told any of these 10 mistruths about jazz? If so, you may have started believing things that are ultimately not helping you improve as a jazz player.

In this episode:
1. Mistruth #1: If you can hear it, then you can play it.
2. Mistruth #2: You don't need to know theory in order to play jazz.
3. Mistruth #3: You need to know a lot of music theory in order to play jazz.



episode 381: The Practicing Snowball for Multiplying Your Musical Results

Today, on the podcast, I"m gonna be talking about an important concept that I call, "The Practicing Snowball".

"The Practicing Snowball" is something that's going to leave you feeling super encouraged, I believe, by the end of this episode. And it's going to show you how the compounding effects of your practice really come into play from looking at this from a variety of different angles.

In this episode:



episode 380: Quick Win: Jazz Improvisation For Beginners (How to Get Started)

If you've ever felt overwhelmed at jazz improvisation and unsure of where to get started, today I'm going to show you exactly how it works, make it simple so you get headed in the right direction.

In this episode:
1. How to start improvising over 2-5-1
2. The most basic notes you can play
3. The modes of each chord
4. The most important notes
5. The actual scale used  by jazz musicians



episode 379: Using "Restrictive Practicing" to Improve Your Jazz Solos

One thing that attracts musicians to jazz is the fact that the possibilities are endless.  When it comes to improvisation, really, there are so many different avenues to explore, so many different things you can play and after listening to some of the greatest jazz musicians in the world, you realize there's a massive amount of vocabulary out there that you can express.

The rules are there but, really, the rules are meant to be broken...



episode 378: Where Should You Learn Jazz (Books, YouTube, Courses, Memberships, Lessons)?

In today's episode, we're gonna talk about where is the best place for you to learn jazz: Is it music books? Is it YouTube videos and podcast episodes like this? Is it courses? Is it memberships, or is it private lessons?

We're gonna go through them and talk about the pros and cons of each one.

In this episode:
1. The Pros and Cons of Music Books
2. The Pros and Cons of Online Content
3. The Pros and Cons of Courses


 2022-08-29  51m

Quick Win: Pro Jazz Musician Reacts to His Playing From 10 Years Ago

What's up, guys? It's Brent here. So I was just surfing the Internet and I found a video of me playing a gig from 10 years ago.

Today, I'm gonna watch that video, give you my reaction to it, and let's see how messy it gets.

In this episode:
1.  Intro
2.  The melody
3.  Pro Tip
4.  The organ solo (by Camden Hughes) - my impression
5.  My impression of my comping
6.  Pro Tip
7.  When I hit it pretty good


 2022-08-26  20m