Legendary Dads

“AAAHHHGG! Why on earth did I think I could be a dad, and build a business on top of that!?! What was I thinking?!” “I’m not sure I have what it takes to do this!”   “I don’t think I can keep it up much longer” Many men who are both dad and entrepreneur are plagued by these thoughts and questions (which often come wrapped in guilt, resentment, and/or shame). Most of the time this struggle is rooted in a poor concept of what a dad is ‘supposed’ to be. So we need to re-invent our concept of what it is to be ‘dad’, because being ‘dad’ isn't what it used to be. Most of us are stuck with the old instruction manual - if we have any manual at all.  Many of us are just faking it, hoping we don’t ruin our kids lives.  Lets walk together on the journey from being a ‘well-behaved’ dad who is doing what he thinks he’s supposed to and hoping its right, to becoming a ‘high performance’ dad who is clear on who he is, where he and his family are going and why. It’s an exciting and challenging process to be sure...


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episode 17: The Balance of Power

Episode Summary

In this episode Kevin explores his journey as it relates to the use of personal power in his marriage and as a Dad. He opens up about questions like:

  • What is personal power?; 
  • Is it okay to use power in our family? 
  • how can we fix an imbalance of power in a marriage?; 

Our position and role as Dad comes with great responsibility and has significant impact on our spouse and our children...


 December 29, 2022  23m

episode 16: When "One-Size" Doesn't Fit - Amy Riley

Episode Summary

In this “blind-date” episode Amy shares how leadership in the family is part of family planning; how she shifted her perspective of Motherhood to being a privilege; and reveals the answer to the question, does one-size-fits-all work in parenting?

About Amy:

Amy L. Riley is an internationally renowned speaker, author and leadership development consultant...


 December 22, 2022  23m

episode 15: Habitual Energy

Episode Summary

This week Kevin takes us on an energetic journey of parenting where you can explore with him;

  • the idea of being intentional about how we use our energy;
  • ways we might direct the family energy levels;
  • how transitions help maintain our energy level;

It takes some effort to shift the way we move from work to home life, but learning to do it well, can be transformational for you and your family...


 December 15, 2022  41m

episode 14: Why Honouring Dad is Important

Episode Summary

How do we define an idea like ‘honour’? It may seem clear, but when we look into it, maybe there’s more to it than we realize...


 December 8, 2022  36m

episode 13: Multi-generational Parenting

Episode Summary

This week we make a foray into multi-generational parenting! Our conversation ranges from; 

  • dealing with anger; 
  • different home different rules; 
  • get what you need outside your family;

Mary has helped her family break damaging behaviour cycles and watched her children making better choices and move forward into their own journeys...


 November 30, 2022  27m

episode 12: The World is My Oyster

Episode Summary

In this deep dive into mindset, the creative power of our minds and the nature of reality, Shiraz and Kevin explore;

  • why his car broke down
  • the hidden pride that drives parents
  • how to create a different future

What we do and say as parents has significant impact on our kids - and ourselves - so the more we learn about controlling our thoughts and words, the better off we’ll all be...


 November 23, 2022  44m

episode 11: Developing Influence

Episode Summary

In this episode Kevin looks into the skills of influence, an essential part of life and especially of raising kids well...


 November 16, 2022  33m

episode 10: The Mirror of Grief

Episode Summary

This week my conversation with Ian Hawkins covers deep lessons about allowing life’s experiences of grief to be catalyst for learning and receiving answers in places you weren’t looking. We also cover; 

  • the benefits of journaling;
  • would you miss the big game for a chance to change your life?; 
  • how putting yourself first, is loving others; 

Children it seems, are the mirror we all need...


 November 9, 2022  1h3m

episode 9: "Mommy, Say Goodbye Again"

We can build relationship with our kids even after making mistakes! If I’m willing to set aside “my form of love” to meet their needs by doing things like; 

  • saying “goodbye 3 times, each time
  • discovering how they need us to be present at football practices; 
  • letting the future goals guide today’s decisions; 

JJ shares how relationship between spouses and the stresses we face impacts our kids...


 November 2, 2022  50m

episode 8: Demonstrate Courage

Are you ready for the challenge? It’s likely to be a life-long challenge, but if you’re brave enough, let’s go!

What is courage?

How can you tell if you are not being courageous?

What does being a courageous Dad look like?

We may have slightly different answers to these questions - or very different - but that is where we have opportunity to learn. Different perspectives can be used a way to reconsider what and how we think about life and other people...


 October 26, 2022  22m
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