LEGO® Bits N’ Bricks

An official LEGO® Games podcast dedicated to digging out and exploring some of the many fascinating stories and lessons learned from a quarter century of game development. The podcast will feature the most memorable games and, importantly, some of those dedicated developers who helped bring them to life.

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episode 37: The Surreal History of the LEGO Galidor TV Show, Game Console, and Action Figure

How a LEGO game console, sci-fi TV show, and trip to another dimension gave birth to the beloved LEGO toy flop Galidor.



episode 36: DUPLO® World, Create & Cruise, and LEGO Games for Pre-K

Why the LEGO Group decided to create games for preschoolers and how it continued its focus on empowering children while doing so.



episode 35: Return of the LEGO® Star Wars™ Battles

How a meeting alongside an English motorway kicked off a three-year journey for LEGO Star Wars™ Battles.



episode 34: Holy Game Development, LEGO Batman

LEGO Batman wasn’t just one of the LEGO Group’s most popular video games and most visited topics, he also arguably had one of the biggest impacts on TT Games’ long history of brickified game making.


 2021-09-22  42m

episode 33: Nexo Knights and the Big Bang Theory

While LEGO Nexo Knights was a massive transmedia property that spanned television, books, magazines, toys, and even an amusement park ride, it was the video game that held the property together and fueled its success.


 2021-09-15  43m

episode 32: The Life (and Legacy) of George

Inside the birth of Life of George and how a flat, LEGO brick puzzle game sparked a reexamination of the role digital experiences can play in the physical toy business.


 2021-09-08  39m

episode 31: Prototype, Playtest, Repeat: Inside Light Brick Studio

An intense weekly playtesting schedule is at the heart of Light Brick Studio’s follow-up to the award-winning puzzler LEGO® Builder’s Journey.


 2021-09-01  42m

episode 30: The Legacy of LEGO® Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

LEGO® Legacy: Heroes Unboxed isn’t just a snappy LEGO minifig take on action role-playing games, it’s also a nostalgia-filled examination of the diminutive LEGO figure’s roughly 40-year history.


 2021-08-25  37m

episode 29: Junkbot: The Lovable LEGO® Garbage Game

Nearly two decades before LEGO® Builder’s Journey had players assembling their way through brick levels, the trash eating, side-eyed Junkbot inspired digital LEGO brick creativity.


 2021-08-18  40m

episode 28: The Fans, Devs, and Remake of Real-Time Strategy Classic LEGO® Rock Raiders

As we wrap up season two of LEGO® Bits N’ Bricks, we dig into the creation of real-time strategy game LEGO Rock Raiders and its tremendous fanbase who work to ensure new players get a chance to try the original and are even creating modern remakes.


 2021-07-14  46m