Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray

Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray are BACK for another season of Let's Go! Enjoy in-depth, insightful, and introspective one-on-one conversations with each of these future HOF football players. They'll discuss trending stories from on and off the football field and share stories from their personal life.


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episode 30: Larry Fitzgerald - Charles Barkley & RIP Demaryius Thomas

Larry and Jim Gray start the episode paying tribute their friend to the late Demaryius Thomas, who passed away last week. Then Charles Barkley joins the show. hey dive into Barkley's job at TNT. They try to bring a fun element into sports talk. He also talks about the complicated matter of criticizing friends. The interview wraps up with Charles thanking Larry for bringing him on and the fact he is the best to ever do it in the state of Arizona.


 December 14, 2021  1h8m

episode 31: Tom Brady - Tough Loss & Andrea Bocelli interview and performs

This week's edition of Let's Go starts off with Tom Brady talking about his rough Monday after losing a tough game and losing some great players to injury. He discusses why he threw the tablet and why he approached the Saints sidelines. He also gets into his thoughts on changing the COVID protocols. In the second segment, legendary opera singer Andrea Bocelli joins the show and they talk about his recent tour in America as well as his son joining him in pursuing his dream...


 December 21, 2021  28m

episode 32: Larry Fitzgerald - Dangerous Hits

Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray discuss the injuries to both Chris Godwin and Deandre Hopkins and how much that impacts their team's offense. Larry expresses his frustration for low hits and how dangerous they are to defenseless receivers. Larry also talks about how much he likes the Charges and Ravens aggressive approach to two-point attempts at the end of games, even if they don't work. The Cardinals suffered a loss to the Lions, which just shows the nature of how unpredictable football can be...


 December 21, 2021  30m

episode 33: Tom Brady - Division Champs & New Year's Resolution

This week's edition of Let's Go starts off with Tom Brady talking about the holidays and how much he loves spending time with family. Tom talks about the Buccaneers big win over the Carolina Panthers, clinching an NFC South title for the first time in 14 years. Tom is set to face the Jets for the first time in a Buccaneers uniform at Metlife and discusses how it will be different compared to his Patriots days. Antonio Brown had a big game in his return to the field after a three game suspension...


 December 28, 2021  37m

episode 34: Larry Fitzgerald - Cardinals Struggle & Teammate Fights

Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray discuss what’s wrong with the Cardinals as we head towards the postseason. Larry gets into the Ravens/Bengals and whether or not John Harbaugh should’ve have been so upset with the Bengals throwing the ball late. Hear what teams’ Larry thinks will end up in as wildcards in the AFC & NFC. Also, Larry breaks down the comments made by Panthers HC Matt Rhule as well as an overall assessment of coaching in the NFL...


 December 28, 2021  34m

episode 35: Tom Brady - Comeback win & Antonio Brown. Tom remembers John Madden

This week’s edition of Let’s Go has tons of extra commentary from Tom Brady only available in this episode. It begins with Tom discussing the Buccaneers comeback victory over his old foe the New York Jets, with unsung players stepping up helping the Bucs get the win. Tom discusses the situation involving Antonio Brown leaving the field mid game. Tom was unaware of what transpired during the game, but reiterates how much love he has for Brown and is there if he needs him...


 January 4, 2022  30m

episode 36: Larry Fitzgerald - Antonio Brown & Playoff push

Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray start the episode by discussing Jonathan Ward’s amazing helmet catch during the second quarter of the Cardinals victory over the Cowboys. Larry also tries to gauge who the best teams are in the AFC & NFC as we head into week 18. Larry describes Antonio Brown’s exit yesterday as “heartbreaking,” and hopes that Brown gets the help that he needs because he brings so much to the game of football not just as a player but as a person...


 January 4, 2022  33m

episode 37: Tom Brady - Playoffs & Gronk

On this week’s edition of Let’s Go, Tom talks about what it's like to play through a 17-game schedule with the playoffs on the horizon. Tom talks about the goals he still wants to accomplish both on and off the field. Is this Tom’s best season ever? Rob Gronkowski had another great season for the Buccaneers, and Tom reiterates just how great of a teammate Gronk has been and that there’s only one Gronk...


 January 11, 2022  33m

episode 38: Larry Fitzgerald – Fired Coaches & Going For It

On this week’s edition of Let’s Go with Larry Fitzgerald, Larry and Jim discuss the head-scratching firing of Dolphins head coach Brian Flores. Larry and Jim discuss the all the coaching news from "Black Monday" and what job Larry sees as the best for an incoming Head Coach. Larry and Jim disagree on Brandon Staley’s decision to go for it on 4th down during the Sunday night thriller in Las Vegas. Larry and Jim end the show with who they think will win Wildcard Weekend.


 January 11, 2022  37m

episode 39: Tom Brady - Playoff Victory

Tom Brady and Jim Gray start this episode reflecting on Tom's victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round of the NFL Playoffs. He says he's not trying to be perfect, he just wants to win the games. As always in the playoffs, the next game will be the hardest of the season. Then they give their thoughts on the crazy Niners/Cowboys game and the officiating controversy in Bengals/Raiders. Finally, Tom reacts to some pretty funny Twitter Haters.


 January 18, 2022  41m