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episode 10: Multiple Sexual Partners (MSP)

On this week’s episode of the Podcast, Emjay Ice and Opecole  takes us through a captivating subject, MSP which is short for Multiple Sexual Partners. What is your perception of Multiple Sexual Partners? Or better still, will you want to have MSPs and why? These are a fraction of the things discussed in this episode of MSP.  They bant about what multiple sexual partners are and exposes some of the reasons people decide to embark on its journey...


 2021-06-16  17m

episode 10: Emotional Bullying

On this episode, Emajay ice and Opecole gives us insight into the topic, EMOTIONAL BULLYING. 

Do you know there are levels to bullying? Ever heard of emotional bullying? Any idea what it entails? 

This episode provides the answers to these questions as it explains in details the whole concept of emotional bullying and its effect on people...


 2021-08-11  21m