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S4 E162 Clearing the air - Lets Talk About The Music - Signing off

Lets Talk About the Music Dec. 23rd, 2015 - April 28th, 2019. Spider and Shels broke up, over argument over "redundant" of promoting a show on Lets Talk About The Music, LTATM Radio Network (official group). This is also being recorded as S4 E162...


 2019-04-29  49m

 2019-04-26  1h59m

S4:E161 - Open Topic - Thoughts About Censorship On Music

Shels and Spider has brought back open topic night with our listeners and past guest hosts. Tonight will be talking about, "What are your thoughts about Censorship on Music? Do you think it is ok or are you against it?" ---- Let’s Talk About the Music...


 2019-04-25  2h42m

E11 - Morning Coffee Sippin - Triggers

Shels Morning Coffee Sipppin is back with new topic on Triggers. Any person who suffers with PTSD have triggers that might cause them an anxiety attacks. This morning, Shels will have a converation about how she handles her own PTSD and triggers. ----...


 2019-04-22  37m

 2019-04-19  1h59m

S4:E160 Songwriting Opportunities and Making Your Own Demos

Shels and Spider welcomes from Ramshaw Records Ken Ketler our 2nd country singer. We'll be talking about Songwriting Opportunities and Making Your Own Demos. --- Playlist: Call Me Mildy, The Mawell's, Thunders of Wrath, Ken Ketler, Katie Bella. -----...


 2019-04-18  2h55m

 2019-04-13  2h31m

 2019-04-12  2h2m

S4 E159- Family Night Seattle

Spider and Shels talks with Boobie the creator of Family Night Seattle and learn what they are all about. Everyone as been waiting for the on-location interview with Scott Kirkland The Crystal Method. ---- playlist: Call Me Mildy - Runnin' - Ramshaw...


 2019-04-11  3h8m

 2019-04-06  2h31m