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A podcast on health, wellness and education by Dr. Debra Muth - the owner of Serenity Health Care Center outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Phoenix Factor, the premier women's health protocol for high-performing female executives. Please visit letstalkwellnessnow.com for more information!


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episode 151: Episode 151: Tame Your Brain with Dr. Kiné Corder

Dr. Deb interviews Dr. Kiné Corder about taming your brain and creating a prosperous life. How do you define a prosperous life? What does that mean to you? Get the life you want! 



episode 150: Episode 150: How & Why Do We Sabotage Our Diets?

Dr. Deb and Jennifer Powter discuss why it is we sabotage our eating habits. Mindset and self-talk affect how successful we are with diet and exercise. Do you understand why you reach for that chocolate, wine, and fast food?



episode 149: Episode 149: 2021 – The Year of the Pandemic

Dr. Deb shares the failures and successes of the 2021 pandemic year. If you are looking for an overview of what has been happening, it is in this episode. She also shares what you should take to help support your body against illness and if you took th...



episode 148: Episode 148: Overcoming Chronic Fatigue with Barb Diaz de Leon

Barb Diaz de Leon shares how to overcome chronic fatigue with 4 steps. You can do this without changing your entire life! Barb didn’t give up on turning over rocks and found the reasons for her fatigue, you can do this too.



episode 147: Episode 147: Surviving Trauma and Loss with Jodi Harty

We’ve all had those points in our lives, where those things that happen to us change the decisions that we make, and put us on a different path. Jodi shares how to survive the traumatic loss of her beautiful little Marley.



episode 146: Episode 146: Uncovering the Truth About Fat Loss with ​​Joel Greene

Joel Greene explains the truth about why we struggle with losing fat. How the body adapts to a diet and then it just stops working. Dr. Deb drops the tough question, Why do women over 50 not lose weight? Listen for the answer.


 2021-12-20  1h1m

episode 145: Episode 145: Edible Vaccines Have Been Explored for Years

We think the concept of edible vaccines is new since CV 19 it has been since the 1990s that Big Pharma has been studying edible vaccines. We need to know what goes into our food source so we have control over what we put into our bodies.


 2021-12-13  32m

episode 144: Episode 144: Pfizer’s Data Dump

It’s here! Pfizer has released the data on their vaccine trail. The very information they wanted to withhold for 55 years. Pfizer wanted to slowly release data to the FDA over 55 years but the judge said no. Why didn’t the FDA say no?


 2021-12-06  19m

episode 143: Episode 143: Ayurvedic Living to Transform the Aging Process with Kris Quinones

Kris shares with Dr. Deb how Ayurvedic medicine can be used to age without pain nor reduce your activities well into your 80's and 90's. Learn how this way of life can make the rest of your life amazing! 


 2021-11-29  53m

episode 142: Episode 142: What is a Bioweapon and Does it Cause Shedding? with Dr. Lee Merritt

Dr. Lee Merritt joins Dr. Deb in this episode to discuss her thoughts on what defines a bioweapon and whether we are currently dealing with one.  They also talk about shedding from the virus and different things that they are seeing medically with peop...


 2021-11-22  1h14m