Let's Try Roleplay

Not the kind with school girls, whips and chains but the other kind with Ewoks, Squirtles, Dungeons and Dragons! We are a UK based tabletop RPG podcast for multiple fandoms. Whether you're a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, Pokemon, Star Wars, or even murder mysteries we've got something for you! So why not listen in and share in the adventures, unless of course you hate laughing!


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Findlewood - 3. Is That A Sex Thing?

The day has finally arrived, today we celebrates the harvest festival! Join Rusty as he avoids all cabbage-related responsibilities and Deela as she prepares for the cluck race main event, it's the biggest day of the year in Findlewood! Our "SoMe's": Ins...



Findlewood - 2. Motherclucker

Cabbages saved and chickens herded, the excitement in the farming town of Findlewood continues as they prepare for the harvest festival. Join Rusty and Deela as they aid the town in their final preparations for the big day! Our "SoMe's": Instagram - bit....



Findlewood - 1. Welcome to Findlewood

Welcome to Findlewood. A small town in a land of lush, green, farmland. One of six towns that surrounds the keep of Lord Fanger. A quiet town, that has never had even the wiff of adventure... until now. Join us as we meet Deela Sacklefoot and Rusty Sprin...



Conor and James Discuss - Star Wars Sequel Trilogy and The High Republic

In one final episode of Conor and James Discuss, ya bois explore their final thoughts on the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy and talk about the new High Republic franchise that is next on Disney's Star Wars Agenda! Our "SoMe's": Instagram - bit.ly/2NwPWfP Twitt...


 2020-08-15  1h28m

Movie Commentary - The Star Wars Holiday Special

Conor and James are joined by Holly as they watch the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special! Get on over to YouTube, que up the video and watch along with us. Its a wild ride!!! Our "SoMe's": Instagram - bit.ly/2NwPWfP Twitter - @letstryroleplay Facebook - ...


 2020-08-02  2h2m

Conor and James Discuss - Their Favourite Star Wars Character

In this episode Conor and James pit 250 star wars characters against each other in an epic tournament to see who claims the title of the official LTRP favourite star wars character! Our "SoMe's": Instagram - bit.ly/2NwPWfP Twitter - @letstryroleplay Face...


 2020-07-26  2h38m

Under The Covers - The Great Games

Join Conor and James as they babble on about the LTRP Star Wars Force & Destiny series! On the agenda today are all the characters we never got to meet in The Great Games and Tokrin's hefty back story in all it's rather extensive glory...   Our "SoMe's":...


 2020-07-19  2h18m

Conor and James Discuss - The Future Of The Podcast

In this episode Conor and James Discuss the upcoming projects of Let's Try Roleplay and tease what we have in store for the future! Our "SoMe's": Instagram - bit.ly/2NwPWfP Twitter - @letstryroleplay Facebook - bit.ly/2L2kGUc Twitch - @letstryroleplay Re...


 2020-07-12  26m

LTRP Announcement - Henry Loves You

We are saddened to announce that Henry will be leaving the LTRP crew. Unfortunately, due to changes in our lives (new jobs, new homes, new adventures), Henry will no longer be a part of the podcast. Conor, James, and Robin will be continuing with a rotat...


 2020-07-09  4m

The Great Games - 15. Daddy's Home

The Great Games have come to an abrupt halt and now our heroes find ourselves in Hondo's vault for one last challenge. Will they be able to escape to find out Wayne's all-important information about the Empire? Listen to find out... Our "SoMe's": Instagr...


 2020-07-05  2h10m