Let's Try Roleplay

Not the kind with school girls, whips and chains but the other kind with Ewoks, Squirtles, Dungeons and Dragons! We are a UK based tabletop RPG podcast for multiple fandoms. Whether you're a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, Pokemon, Star Wars, or even murder mysteries we've got something for you! So why not listen in and share in the adventures, unless of course you hate laughing!


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episode 2: The Great Capital Bake Off - 6. She's Here?!

Having succeeded in surviving pre-drinks, our heroes are now at the Emperor's birthday bash! In this episode... our heroes mingle! Our "SoMe's": Instagram - bit.ly/2NwPWfP Twitter - @letstryroleplay Facebook - bit.ly/2L2kGUc Twitch - @letstryroleplay Red...



episode 1: The Great Capital Bake Off - 5. Grung Salad?

Having flexed their muscles in a sparring match with their new friend Fyodor, our heroes feel like nothing could take them down! However... how will they cope when drinking games get involved? Listen to Find Out! Our "SoMe's": Instagram - bit.ly/2NwPWfP ...



The Great Capital Bake Off - 4. Cage Match

In this episode we witness the mighty clash between The Heroes of Rivers Edge and Fyodor The War Master of the Dragonborn Kingdoms! A formidable opponent to sure but our heroes have some new tricks up there sleeves! You will win this "friendly" contest? ...



The Great Capital Bake Off - 3. Fabulous Fabian The Sweet Sweet Clothes Man!

Our heroes continue their shopping spree, collecting more useful items at the docks before heading back into town to design the greatest outfits the capital has ever seen! Enjoy! Our "SoMe's": Instagram - bit.ly/2NwPWfP Twitter - @letstryroleplay Faceboo...



The Great Capital Bake Off - 2. Tabaxi Taxi

Its another one of our famous shopping episodes!!! Join us as our heroes prepare for the fanciest of parties and improve their arsenals! Enjoy! Our "SoMe's": Instagram - bit.ly/2NwPWfP Twitter - @letstryroleplay Facebook - bit.ly/2L2kGUc Twitch - @letstr...


 2019-11-10  1h34m

The Great Capital Bake Off - 1. Cocktails and Customs

SEASON 2 BABY!!! Welcome to phase 2 of the Let's Try Roleplayverse! We are kicking it off with some old favourites. What have Tholme, Ibothane, and Nine been up to since their trans-dimensional adventure? What's the deal with this invitation to the Capit...


 2019-11-03  1h44m

episode 1: The Long Night - 14. Epilogue

After the thrilling resolution to a night our heroes will never forget we finish one story, connect the dots of another, and begin one new journey into a bright future... Our "SoMe's": Instagram - bit.ly/2NwPWfP Twitter - @letstryroleplay Facebook - bit....


 2019-10-27  1h31m

episode 1: The Long Night - 13. Dawn

The battle continues! Marcella's safety is still at risk and a full invasion of the Nvintian Empire may still lie ahead for our heroes if they do not manage take down the Tyrant and his army. The odds are very much stacked against our heroes, will they b...


 2019-10-20  1h44m

episode 196: The Long Night - 12. The Tyrant

With the Tyrant's true form now revealed, our heroes now face their biggest challenge yet! But it seems victory here is the only thing that can ensure the Nvintian Empire's safety and Marcella's return from capture... Now, the real battle begins! Our "So...


 2019-10-14  2h5m

episode 195: The Long Night - 11. The Battle of the Three Armies

In this episode our many heroes must fight to defeat the Tyrants army and finally come face to face with the man himself! But all is not as it seems! Enjoy...  @letstryroleplay - Twitterletstryroleplay@gmail.combit.ly/2NwPWfP - Instagrambit.ly/2L2kGUc - ...


 2019-10-06  2h5m