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When did you last prune your 'friendscape'?

There's a lot of information out there on how to make friends but not as much about ditching those friends who are no longer making us feel good. So, how do you strengthen the friendships in your life that are working, cull the ones that aren’t, and work out which is which?



Victoria Devine on taking charge of your financial future

What's the difference between good debt and bad debt? How can you escape lifestyle creep? And what does 'fake rich' mean? She's on the Money's Victoria Devine shares what it takes to change your money story and get on top of your personal finances.



One dose of this, a second dose of that — mixing coronavirus vaccines

Global supply challenges mean some countries have approved "schedule-mixing" of Covid-19 vaccines. We may eventually have to do the same. So what are the potential pitfalls and benefits of having your first dose with one kind of vaccine and your second with another?



The Pineapple Project episode 2 — phones

Smartphones have become essential in a very short space of time. But do we really need that 64 Megapixel camera, 5G or that must-have upgrade? Won’t that be last year’s model soon enough?  We talk about saving you potentially thousands of dollars on the device that’s most likely in your hand right now. 



Fishing for mental health is helping all kinds in this Melbourne community

When Glenn Cooper was in a wheelchair some years ago he spent his days on the Frankston pier fishing. During this time, strangers would always come up to ask about his accident or whether he'd caught something. Since realising most people were just after a chat, "Guru" Glenn has helped many in his community overcome their challenges.



How do migration and refugee laws work in Australia?

There has been renewed focus this week on the inner workings of migration law, when it comes to people seeking asylum in Australia. This follows the decision of the Immigration Minister, Alex Hawke, to allow the Murugappan family of Tamil asylum seekers to be moved from the Christmas Island Detention Centre to Perth, so they can be nearby their youngest daughter, Tharnicaa Murugappan, who is receiving medical treatment there...



Good Indian daughter: How I found freedom in being a disappointment

Ruhi Lee was born in India and raised in Australia. Her childhood was one of straddling two cultures, and one that meant being born female came with the expectation of being a good Indian daughter.



Price of insurance premiums in superannuation on the rise

Most of us pay for life insurance by default via our superfunds, but don't really understand or assess what cover we might need. Some recent changes to regulations around superannuation mean those premiums might be going up by more than ten percent. Here's what you can and can't do about it.



What it means to be a man

When a "harden up" mentality is seen as part of what it means to be a man, it's no wonder it can be tough to open up about your emotions, despite many men experiencing mental ill-health during their lifetime. Can vulnerability and masculinity co-exist?



Amal Awad on her spiritual journey through the New Age

Author Amal Awad describes herself as a "sceptical believer" when it comes to her own spirituality - she is not afraid to ask questions but she doesn't need all the answers either. It is with this mindset that she embarked on a mission to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual landscape of the New Age, and its variety of offerings. The result is a new book called "In My Past Life I was Cleopatra."