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Alone Together: Anne goes WILD

Our Alone Together Song comes from Anne today. She writes: Hi Life Matters Team, I'd like to suggest the song " I'll Let You Know" by WILD. I absolutely love this group, and this song, because of the lyrics and the fact that it reflects how a lot of people may feel now.



Walking Together: Matilda House and Jane Vincent

Ngambri-Ngunnawal woman Matilda House and farmer Jane Vincent share the story of how they met and their enduring friendship.



How to get groceries without bringing home coronavirus

On today's show: * How far should I keep away from other customers? * Should staff be wearing masks and gloves? * What are the chances of picking up coronavirus from products on the shelves? * Is it a good idea to sterilise stuff I buy when I get home? * How do I make disinfectants at home? * Still not sure how to wash fruit and vegetables...



Seven evidence-based ways you can help your body (and your family) protect itself from coronavirus

There is lots of evidence that the stronger your immune system, the better your body will be at fighting off coronavirus. Dr Peter Brukner says this means we now have the ultimate motivator to finally make our health our top priority. "If you've ever wanted to get healthy," says Dr Brukner, "now is the time"! So what should we focus on to boost ours and our family's immune systems as soon as possible?



Alone Together: Something In The Air

We've been playing your songs to help us through these isolated times, in a segment we call Alone Together. Robin sent her choices in pretty early, and she gave us two — one was from Canned Heat and the other from a British band put together by Pete Townsend from the Who and his manager Kit Lambert. The band had one huge hit. It's Thunderclap Newman with Something In The Air.



ABC Kindness Hero #3: Sarah De Jonge and 1000 hearts

It was only going to ever be making 1000 small felt hearts, but Tasmanian Sarah De Jonge underestimated the power of making and giving, and it's evolved into a global juggernaut of random kindness.



The second week crash. Why Week Two as a coronavirus patient is so scary

On today’s episode: * If soap and water kills coronavirus why not just wash medical clothing? * If the acids in the gut kill this virus, why does faeces still have it? * Why has coronavirus spread so far across the world and not to the rest of China? * Why are people across the world spraying disinfectant on streets? * What is happening in Japan and Sweden where they appeared to have a handle on the virus, but are now experiencing a rapid uptake



Should aged care homes be shutting out all visitors?

Many of us are no longer physically spending time with elderly friends and relatives, with video calls becoming the best way to stay in touch. Maintaining contact this way with loved ones in an aged care facility is difficult. Still, many facilities have closed their doors to all visitors, full stop.



Alone, Together: You are not alone

Today's Alone Together song chosen by you to share with us all comes from Mace, and it's performed by someone who knows what it's like to survive through troubled times. So from Mace to us, this is the great Mavis Staples with the title track of her album "You Are Not Alone".



Eat like the animals

What do a baboon, a cat and a locust all have in common? Answer, the ability to instinctively know how to eat a balanced diet, something we humans find difficulty in doing.