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A black box flight recorder, for Earth

One could argue that this planet's climate is in danger of crashing, so doesn't it make sense we have a black box flight recorder for Earth? The Earth Black Box is due to be completed by half way through next year.



Talkback: changing place names

Places and their names can be very meaningful to the people connected to them. But what happens when some in a community are uncomfortable with a historical figure or association a place is named for, or feel that different aspects of history should be honoured?



Productivity Commission recommends better protections for our right to repair

Whether it be your mobile phone, washing machine, or a million dollar piece of farm machinery, the right to have it repaired as cheaply and effectively as possible has been a contested space under our laws for consumer protection. Last week, the Productivity Commission released its final recommendations from a major inquiry into consumer rights to repair, and we discuss what they could mean for saving money, time and landfill.



Could Australia be more pet friendly?

A lot more people became pet owners during the pandemic and, as we get out and about more, we're thinking about how to incorporate our animal companions into our lives. So how pet friendly is your neighbourhood, your town or your city?



Retaining and attracting teachers after COVID-19

As NSW public school teachers strike for the first time in a decade, schools around Australia are grappling with the dual issues of attracting and retaining educators. How can schools keep teachers returning through the school gates?



Singing to Dad

The pandemic has separated so many of us from loved ones. Sallie Beaumont's dad, Derek Beaumont, is in a care home in the United Kingdom. Sallie hasn't seen him for two and a half years. As dementia slowly impacts Derek’s brain, its affects have made for some interesting, late-night phone conversations.



Talkback: planning a sustainable Christmas

We tend to indulge over the festive season, whether that's buying gifts or filling up the fridge, but without the right planning, unwanted presents and discarded leftovers can end up in landfill. How can you create a sustainable Christmas?



Too Hard Basket: when a club member leaves, taking the passwords with them, what do you do?

A member of your club has resigned. This person has some important paperwork, including passwords for mailing lists and websites. They have refused to answer requests to send them back to the club. You would really like to keep in touch with your readers, but can't do so without this. What do you do?



A close up look at the working lives of people with disability

For people living with disability, the workplace can put up a lot of unnecessary obstacles. For the International Day of People with Disability, we’re chatting to people who have found a way to push through those obstacles to build careers for themselves that give them purpose and meaning.



Seniors exercise parks could change health outcomes for older Australians

Playgrounds are not just for kids. Seniors exercise parks enable adults of all abilities to challenge themselves. The ENJOY Project evaluates the impact of these custom designed structures. With six parks already established, could they be important meeting places for younger and older Australians?