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Julie Peters: trans activist and archivist

Julie Peters thought she was a hoarder, but it turns out what she is holding on to was of great historical value. Growing up and trying to make sense of herself, Julie inadvertently amassed Australia's most comprehensive archive of transgender representation.



Can bright colours lift your mood?

'Dopamine dressing' and 'dopamine travel' are two recent trends touting the power of colour to lift our spirits. But do colours really have the power to change our minds and emotions?



Planning to minimise climate risk

People in communities who've seen repeated flooding and bushfires in recent years are calling for new thinking on how to plan safer towns and suburbs, as the threat from climate change increases. So what might this look like and whose responsibility is it to make sure residents aren't at risk?



Talkback — do you need a winter COVID-19 booster?

Australia has had more deaths from COVID-19 in the last six months than in the entire pandemic prior. Concern is now around two sub-variants, Omicron BA.4 and BA.5, which prompted ATAGI to give new advice about who should get a fourth booster and when.



Too Hard Basket: My best friend has ditched me, how do I get over it?

After spending four years supporting your incarcerated best friend, and a year living together right after they were granted parole, you've found myself seriously mistreated and cut-off. Despite the hurt and heartbreak, you've decided you need to let go. How do you find closure in these circumstances?


 2022-07-08  12m

Talkback — navigating love and money

Money can be a point of difference or even conflict when it comes to romantic relationships. So how do you and your partner deal with that? How do you negotiate joint responsibilities, savings and cash-splash vs frugal-finance styles when it comes to managing money? Tips from you and a relationship expert about how to create financial harmony in your relationship.


 2022-07-08  36m

Can psychedelics really change your mind, for good?

MDMA and psilocybin are just some of the psychoactive drugs that are being tested out here in Australia and overseas to see if they can be used to treat psychological disorders and improve mental health. Michael Pollan's new documentary explores the possibilities in a new television series, based on his best-selling book.


 2022-07-07  20m

Life in 500 Words: Andrew's crystal set

Remember when you were a kid, and you'd spend hours listening to the radio? Maybe you still do! Andrew West tells us about a listening device that became a very precious object for him in his childhood.


 2022-07-07  5m

How should truth-telling happen?

Voice, treaty, truth. The Uluru Statement from the Heart underlined these three steps to reconciliation with First Nations people. So what's the best form of truth-telling? And what is non Indigenous people's role in the process?


 2022-07-07  24m

Pooches in small places: a guide to apartment living with dogs

More Australians are becoming dog owners – and opting for apartment living. So, what's the winning formula for a harmonious life with a four-legged friend in a smaller space, both for your dog and your neighbours?


 2022-07-06  11m