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Life in 500 Words: Yvette lays her guilt to rest

In your true confessions for our Life in 500 Words, Yvette Dempsey takes us back to a moment that has been with her for some time.



Evaluating risk and the travel bubble

Australia's first two-way international bubble starts today with New Zealand, but when is the time to open up to other countries? And what do we risk losing by keeping international borders closed?



Too Hard Basket: Unwanted playmates at the pool

Since going through chemotherapy, Melissa vows to play more with her children, so for her daughter's swimming lesson they arrive early to play water volleyball. However, this fun is interrupted by two younger children who insist on hogging the ball. What should Melissa do?



Super-charging psychology with doses of nature and gardening

Psychologist Simon Lush combines his therapy skills with his horticulture training to work with individuals and groups around mindfulness in nature. He is working with a landscape gardener, other psychologists and clients to expand the field of therapeutic gardening into mental health spaces.



Feeling bad about your COVID kilos? Weight loss may not be the answer

With a third of Aussies having gained weight over the pandemic, you might be vulnerable to getting caught in the "diet trap". But with more nutritionists saying weight loss shouldn’t be the primary goal when trying to get healthy, what can you aim for instead?



Very special episodes and your health

'Very Special Episodes' were a mainstay on sitcoms in the 80s and 90s, raising awareness of issues like alcoholism, addiction and sexual abuse. But do these episodes have the power to change your health for the better?



The argument for applying a gender lens to the budget

It's been 7 years since an Australian government included a gender impact statement relating to the budget. Women's groups have been lobbying hard for its reinstatement ahead of this year's May budget. What is a gender impact statement and what purpose does it serve?



Do you have the right to work from home?

If you've been working from home because of COVID, you may have recently been told to come back to your place of work full time, or even a day or two per week. But what if reverting to the pre-pandemic work arrangement doesn't really suit you any more? Find out what the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees are when it comes to flexible working arrangements.



Procrastination is not laziness. It's about avoiding ourselves, and it's on the rise.

Due to the Pandemic, the urge to procrastinate is greater than ever, but new research shows that, no matter which way you slice it, procrastination is never good. It can actually lead to a host of serious health conditions. So, if it's that bad for us, why do we do it? And how can we break the habit?



Life in 500 Words: Kathy unlocks her brother's memory

Sometimes it just takes the right kind of trigger for the truth to come out. This is what Kathy Coutts was hoping for as she went looking for a gift for her brother.