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Weekend Life Matters - women's work in other countries, dating when you're both disabled, Aboriginal connection explained, and keeping fre4sh food out of landfill

One Australian woman's grappling with employing workers in her Indian and Chinese household, finding a partner when both of you have a disability, an indigenous elder explains the significance of The Dreamtime, and ensuring fresh produce doesn't end up as



Modern Dilemma - who chooses what to listen to in a taxi, you or the driver?

In a taxi you find yourself forced to listen to a certain 'shock jock' radio presenter you can't stand. You ask politely if the driver can turn it down but he refuses.



Talkback: remembering Bob Hawke

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke has died peacefully at his home at the age of 89.



Our Lives - tracing the arc of young Australians

When we're young, so much of our time is spent looking forward. Then two researchers ask you to look back. Our Lives, The Social Futures and Pathways Project is a longitudinal study of young Australians, their hopes, dreams and goals.



Strike! The family who brought ten pin bowling to the Special Olympics in Melbourne

Mel and Terry McMahon are responsible for making Ten Pin Bowling a Special Olympic sport in their region over 20 years ago.



Hiring domestic labour led one woman to examine her privilege

In countries where domestic labour is cheap and normalised, journalist Megan K Stack explores the ethical complexities behind being a mother, a worker, and a full time employer of nannies.



How do cultural barriers impact our relationship with transport?

How do different communities overcome barriers to alternative travel? Especially when one society perceives public transport as unfathomable while another culture embraces it.



Election Spotlight: What's required to address Australia's mental health needs?

Mental health experts say the treatment options for the one in five Australians experiencing mental illness are severely lacking.



Election Spotlight: cancer, chronic and complex health conditions in the healthcare system

What policy solutions are the major parties offering when it comes to the growing burden of disease that comes with an ageing population, and how do cancer policies differ?



Burning question—storing food sustainably

How can you avoid wasting fruit and vegies? ABC Science reporter, Anna Salleh, explains how to store your food sustainably.