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Talkback — Melbourne goes back into lockdown

Following a spike in cases and spread within the community in Greater Melbourne, the entire city will go back into a stage three lockdown for six weeks as of midnight tonight. Wherever you live, how are you feeling about these increased restrictions?



Corona Tales — D is for Danger

Paramedics are taught to avoid danger, so when this pandemic began Benjamin's first instinct was to run away. Instead he cursed quietly, prepared his protective gear, and got to work.



Brain on Nature episode 2 — the waiting room

A week after her accident Sarah can’t bear being in busy environments, she struggles to hold conversations and it makes her wonder about the load she used to put on her brain. Scientists are starting to ask the same question.



Human rights under lockdown

The past week has seen Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews taking, what he calls, "extraordinary steps" to enforce at-home restrictions to try and contain the coronavirus, especially for people living in high rise public housing towers. But how far can governments go in a public health emergency before impeding on a person's individual rights and freedoms? And does access to those rights depend on where someone lives?



Brain on Nature episode 1 — the accident

After Sarah Allely fell off her bike things weren’t quite the same, she could no longer listen to music, read or tolerate being around her family.  But she didn’t know why.



Talkback: Burnout, and how to avoid it

If workplace stress or exhaustion aren't managed, they may lead to burnout. In Mental Health Week, we look at the way our work life can affect our physical and mental health, especially in the time of COVID-19. The best way to avoid dangerous illnesses caused by burnout, is to recognise when to stop. Guest Lisa Leong, consultant lawyer and presenter of ABC's This Working Life



Life under hard lockdown in one of Melbourne's public housing towers

Hiba Shanino is one of 3000 people who were given one hour's notice on the weekend of a hard lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The legal practice student describes her experience and her concerns for the community.




Too Hard Basket: How much say should a person have in how you spend money they have gifted you?

Your partner uses a ute for his business. But after it broke down, his family offered to buy a new one. You got one at a great price which they kindly paid for, and arranged to have the tray modified so it would better suit your purposes. The family are unhappy about it and prefer it to be kept in original condition. You don't want to cause any ill feelings with the family, so how can you explain why it's imperative for you to do this, without a fight?



Adventures in ICEolation

'Isolation' has become a mainstay in our vocabularies during the coronavirus pandemic. But intrepid explorers Sophie Ballagh and Ewan Blyth were isolating long before the rest of us were. They journeyed to the bottom of the earth in a bid to get away from it all, exploring the ice-clogged waterways of the Antarctic peninsula by kayak. The pair documented their adventures in a documentary called ICEolation.