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Dr Norman Swan was tested for coronavirus. Here's what happened

On today's show: * Dr Norman Swan explains how the coronavirus test is done * Why don't the authorities give us better data on where positive cases are found? * Is it okay to mail packages and cards/letters to loved ones in the hospital or nursing homes? * You talk about getting high and low doses of the virus. What do you mean by that? * Does taking supplements like horseradish and garlic help?



How coronavirus is impacting building and construction

Construction workers and tradies are still on site, and people were queueing up to buy hardware supplies for home renovations on the weekend. What are the issues facing the industry that employs more than a million people across Australia?



Alone Together: Liz goes back to Liverpool to bring us The Wombats

Liz writes: I would love to make a suggestion for the 'Alone Together' song time. I love the band The Wombats and it doesn't hurt that they're from my second home of Liverpool, England where my grandparents are from and where I lived for a time. Their happy, upbeat song 'Let's Dance to Joy Division' includes the lines in the chorus: 'Everything is going wrong/But we're so happy.' This captures the mood in my house.



Could coronavirus' death rate be lower than first thought?

On today's show: * The infection rate has halved over the last few days, what does that mean? * Is the way we test people possibly skewing the numbers? * Can I see my partner if we don't live together? * My hands are dry because I'm washing them a lot. Can I fix that? * Does UV/sunlight kill coronavirus?



Talkback - maintaining optimism, joy and wonder in challenging times

Many of the things proven to make us happy, like seeing friends and visiting our favourite places, have become impossible because of coronavirus. How are you keeping yourself happy and hopeful right now?



Weekend Life Matters: how to answer viral questions from family, our first Kindness Hero, 2020 grandmothers, your song to lift our spirits

How to answer your children's questions about the pandemic, the Kindness Hero who didn't believe it, the changing role of grandmothers, and your song to lift our spirits.



Alone, Together: Julie steps in, steps out

In this time of keeping our distance, we can still connect, through music. Julie messaged us on Facebook and says: "Can we hear some Weddings Parties Anything today? For our essential worker couples on shifts during these pressing times."



Too Hard Basket: when your teenager suddenly changes their friendship group

Your teenage son has suddenly changed his friendship group. After asking him why he didn't really provide an explanation. Should you be worried? How far do you go to find out?



'Are we all going to die?' We answer kids' questions!

In this show: * What does the coronavirus look like? * Why are there so many rumours about coronavirus and how do I know what's true? * Why can't we hug? * When will the coronavirus end? * Are we are all going to die? Thank you to everyone who sent us a question!



What does our future look like?

There's no doubt we're living in a reality none of us could have imagined a few months ago. And many of us have been left wondering what the future holds.