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NAPLAN's back after hiatus, so what's next?

After a year's hiatus, NAPLAN testing starts up again from today, though the test remains divisive. How do other countries measure schooling performance? And what is the role of standardised testing in raising educational standards?



Talkback: Funding mental health services in Australia

There are hopes that funding for mental health services will be increased in this week’s Federal Budget. However, experts remain concerned that any new funding may not be enough to meet the current need for help – which see some people end up emergency as a last resort – let alone expected increases in demand for services into the future.



Too Hard Basket: How do you uninvite guests to a birthday party?

You have a significant birthday coming up and have booked a pub for the party. Due to COVID-19, the attendance numbers have been reduced at the venue. In your excitement, you have inadvertently invited too many people and there is a risk some will be turned away. What should you do?



Does the so-called fertility cliff exist?

Both men and women's fertility is a game of numbers, but age is not the only factor delaying parenthood.



Right now, in Australia, vaccine alone can't save us, says new study

It's 2021 and. in NSW, there is a COVID-19 outbreak. There's a limited supply of vaccine, and case numbers have climbed to 100 a day. That is the hypothetical scenario at the centre of a newly published paper from the Kirby Institute. So, how does the research suggest we respond?



Talkback — What advertising has taught you about periods

We examine the evolution of period advertising in the last 100 years, from sanitary napkins to moon cups, and ask, what have advertisements taught you about periods?



Under One Roof: Mark and Alonso

Mark Kearney and Alonso Navarro are partners living in Melbourne. Together, they're learning about each other's surprising parenting styles through raising their dog, Chulo.



Your Health 2030 — balancing profits and public interest

What responsibilities do commercial organisations have when the products and services they sell, result in us becoming unwell? As part of our series looking ahead to better health for all Australians by 2030, we focus on the intersection between business interests and public health, and how to strike that balance.



Why one couple decided to restore a 75-year-old tall ship for a new life at sea

Tomorrow the recently-restored Derwent Hunter will prepare to set sail for a new life at sea, serving as a venue for cultural education as well as a platform to train the next generation of Indigenous, Torres Strait Islander and South Sea Islander shipwrights and sailors.



Your Health 2030 — Indigenous culture and wellbeing

Culture is recognised as a key factor in the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. How can this knowledge contribute towards good health for all Indigenous Australians by 2030?