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Weekend Life Matters: the power of music education, life on earth, life elsewhere, kids and money, filling in the blanks of our weather history

How music education reinforces learning in all aspects of our lives, one scientist's search for life on other planets and peace in her own life, recession proofing your children, and how you can volunteer to help decipher 19th century weather data.



My sister-in-law is going conspiracy theory crazy, what do I do?

Your sister-in-law seems to have been sucked into the conspiracy theory loop. What should you do, if anything?



The sound of deliciousness

Eating is a sensory experience. We know it involves taste and touch and sight. But our ears also have a role to play.



Talkback — your memories of the 2000 Sydney Olympics

It's almost 20 years since Sydney hosted the Olympics. What a moment that was for Australia, a much happier time you could say, and one we're going to revisit. Whether you were a spectator, a volunteer or even a participant, what was the highlight for you?



Sci fi comic leads the way for Indigenous learning

A sci-fi comic designed by children in Roebourne in Western Australia has launched into schools as part of a new pilot program.



Escaping productivity guilt and celebrating small wins

Are you missing out if you only consider productivity in terms of your own accomplishments? Is it possible to celebrate small everyday wins instead?



Can Australian residents fill farm worker vacancies?

Australian farmers who rely on seasonal workers are worried about the effect of ongoing border closures. Many are warning of increased grocery prices as a result of a diminishing pool of overseas labour.



Want to help fill in the blanks of our weather history?

Scientists are asking us to help reveal the history of our weather patterns, lurking in the yellowed pages of 170-year-old weather journals. Are you interested?



Life in 500 Words: Fuzzy's rink of rebellion

When Fuzzy Trojan was a young man, he was part of a youth movement that made waves by challenging both the left and right of politics. It resulted in a siege and police arrests.



Your Money Explained — teaching kids how to save and when to spend

We're officially in recession, so the young children in our lives might have a harder time of things than we'd like in the years ahead. Perhaps this is a good moment to teach them more about money and help set them up for a brighter financial future.