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Healing wounds and boosting mental health with surfing

If you’re looking for ways to help children deal with family violence, disability and mental health, have you ever considered surfing?



Seeking silence in a busy life

What does silence mean to you? Is it something you fear and fill up with distractions or something you actively seek out as an antidote to a stressful lifestyle? For journalist Christine Jackman, silence became a really important part of her own quest for calm.



Philosophy Espresso: Can I have too many books?

When Philosopher Damon Young and his family were packing up their house to shift from Melbourne to Hobart, the movers told him straight: “you’ve got way too many books”. Were they right? Is there such a thing as too many books?



On the trail of the last lions of Africa

Author and travel writer Anthony Ham talks about the enduring fascination we have with lions.



The Scully Effect

Almost three decades after The X-Files first aired in 1993, producer Emma Nobel discovers what makes the sci-fi series such an enduring cult classic. For a generation of women in STEM, the show is about more than just monsters.



How to be an adoring parent without raising a little sh#t

If you want to be a good parent who supports their child without spoiling them, international parenting expert Daniel Siegel says there is only one thing you need to do.



Life in 500 words: Zola makes waves...with everyone!

Some breeds of dog are forever associated with certain traits in behaviour. Pam Sharpe knows this only too well. Because she has Zola, who made big waves in her life.



Making fashion inclusive

Getting dressed in style can come with challenges for people living with a disability. There's a push for the clothing industry to reflect this and bring both fashion and functionality to the market. Adaptive fashion allows for self-expression, and empowerment for the wearer, while being easy to put on.



Brain on Nature episode 10 — keeping up the nature dose

Sarah investigates some of the thinking behind why we can all benefit from regular time spent in nature.



Melbourne to Mount Isa: one couple's journey to care for a parent in the outback

All of us, at some point, are likely to be faced with the choice about how to take care of ailing parents. When Rebecca and Tony moved from Melbourne to Mt Isa to look after Rebecca's elderly mother, they had no idea how long they'd be away from their city lives.