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Roots Remade

A new remake of the TV series Roots is about to hit our screens, featuring Australian directors and once again focussing attention on race relations in the US and beyond.


 2016-07-25  27m

Sharia law, and love

A new romantic comedy, Halal Love explores the love lives of muslims in Beirut, a city with a very contemporary culture, yet a deeply religious moral life.


 2016-07-22  17m

Are we one sneeze away from a1918-1919 influenza pandemic

In 1918-19, the Spanish flu wiped out 50 million people worldwide and and immunologists point out that death rates could easily rise if we lose tools like antibiotics to stop people from dying of flu?


 2016-07-22  12m

Music to the ears of voters

Donald Trump, like many on the campaign trail, is using popular music to drive home his campaign message but musicians opposed to his politics don't want their music to be the soundtrack.


 2016-07-22  21m

Your worst nightmare: sleep deprivation in children

What makes one child a good sleeper and another, not?


 2016-07-21  11m

Taking on the pokies in the marginals

independents Andrew Wilkie and Nick Xenophon are threatening to run a campaign against the major parties in marginal seats to push through gambling reform.


 2016-07-21  13m

If the bra fits - wear it!

Do you get enough support from your bra?


 2016-07-21  25m

Mixed orientation love: women in relationships with bisexual men

Uncovering the dynamics of the relationships between women and bisexual men.


 2016-07-20  16m

Once in a generation Australian coin collection for auction

When George Fenton was a boy in the 1950s, he became fascinated with money.


 2016-07-20  12m

Will you work until you're 70?

Whatever happened to early retirement? The need for retirement savings and an increased pension age will keep us at the coalface until we’re 70.


 2016-07-20  21m