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Why can't society handle women who interrupt?

Why are women shouted down when they are accused of interrupting men, particularly in public?


 2016-11-22  20m

Dumpster diving granny thinks food waste is a disgrace

Would you risk eating food past the best-before date? Julianne Brady takes it one step further. She is a freegan who finds all manner of edible goods thrown out by supermarkets in the bins out the back.


 2016-11-21  21m

Women in Astronomy face more harassment

Last Sunday Background Briefing had a story about how the CSIRO had covered up allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault and bullying in its department of astronomy. Most of the victims left their jobs. In one particularly disturbing case, a female


 2016-11-21  6m

What happens when you're diagnosed with Parkinson's disease?

Tens of thousands of Australians have Parkinson's disease, so why don't we know what causes it?


 2016-11-21  20m

 2016-11-20  3m

Why middle Australia understands the Trump victory

Middle America delivered a mighty blow to politics in the US with the victory of Donald Trump.


 2016-11-20  20m

Is Grey the new black?

Going grey is having a cultural moment. But would you ditch the hair dye for good?


 2016-11-20  30m

Keeping up with the Kaimanawas - for the love of horses

Vicki, Kelly and Amanda Wilson are three sisters who devote their lives to the rescuing, taming and training of New Zealand's wild horses.


 2016-11-17  11m

Giving up and slimming down

Former Wallaby Peter Fitzsimons has dropped 40 kilos since cutting out all takeaways, alcohol and sugar..


 2016-11-17  13m

Why don't Big Business to pay their bills on time?

Research out this week has found that Australian businesses are owed millions in 'late payments'.


 2016-11-17  25m